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What was the motivation behind starting your business?
The idea came to Jeffrey Montesdeoca who is the founder & Owner of Cryo With JNJ after working in several cryotherapy facilities which gave him the 6 year experience necessary to realize what is missing in the industry and what needs immediate change. Jeffrey Montesdeoca was one of the first cryotherapy technicians during the first cryotherapy facility in New York which was known as “Kryolife or KryoX” at the time. His experience grew once he learned through the teachings of how it is used in Europe as a medical device. The company brought a medical polish doctor to New York to teach the cryotherapy technicians on how cryotherapy is used and should be followed. Jeffrey Montesdeoca wants to reteach The protocols of Cryotherapy which are not being followed and we want to introduce Cryotherapy differently than all our competitors with our Unique Cryotherapy Machine that nobody else has… it creates a huge impact in the industry while also delivering the most powerful enhanced cryotherapy experience for the user. No cryotherapy facility can price match us. No cryotherapy facility can get below -190°C/ below -310°F and can deliver 3 treatment modes: 3 minute enhanced cryotherapy 4 minute muscle recovery, 6 minute weight control.

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Growing up did you know you would be in business for yourself?
To be honest, growing up I always worked for an employer until 21 years old. I decided to take brand ambassador/experiential marketing very seriously. So I quit my job at the time which was working in a cryotherapy place in Long Island and I became a independent contractor whom only sought out companies who would hire me for gigs and through those gigs I actually experienced a lot and grew my marketing background through working with many Fortune 500 companies. I was fortunate to get accepted into many job opportunities that would hire me independently. I then decided let me take what i learned and re-enter this industry of Cryotherapy. I first, created my own social media marketing company with my close uncle. It was called: red frame studios LLC. Our company main focus was social media marketing/videography/photography/website design/logo design. From there, I decided I can stay en entrepreneur and build my background through experience. I was young so I thought WHY NOT.

Tell us the most important benefit of Cryo Therapy?
Enhanced Cryotherapy immersion activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions and promote a sense of health and well-being…

And when practiced on a regular basis, Subzero immersion can even provide long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that enhance the overall quality of your life and best of all its absolutely AFFORDABLE because we make it so.

What ages are allowed to participate?
all ages as long as they are 5FT TALL

Are you near the trains?
We are located in Force Fitness Club:
63-03 Fresh Pond RD, Ridgewood New York 11385
Yes, M train fresh pond road station, bus: Q58, Q54

Do you only take appointments?
Yes, we only go by appointments but we accept walk-ins when we announce it via our social media pages. Follow us on Instagram/Facebook.

What advice would you give someone looking to start and run their own business?
Prepare to fail many times, prepare to take a lonely road. Building your own business takes time. This is your marathon NOT A SPRINT. Be patient, be humble. Good things will come. BUT always work your ass off.
One more thing, High Risk, High Reward. Remember that.

How did you stay motivated when everything told you to stop and quit?
My family, my wife, my friends. I look at everyone I brought along this journey. They are all my motivation, they all give me hope to continue. I am lucky to have a strong supportive family/friends especially my wife. I’ll go through hell and back for everyone. We will make it, we’re not there yet. But soon, we will blow up.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Beware, we coming for all the gym facilities in the world. We are expanding very soon. Big deals, big meetings. We want all the smoke. We coming to take over this cryotherapy industry. We make LUXURY AFFORDABLE. Our treatment is the most powerful effective cryotherapy treatment. Soon we will show the world that our treatment is the real cryotherapy, everyone else just lies to you.

How can we follow you online?
Personal Instagram: @jeffreymontess

Company Instagram: @cryowithjnj

Company Facebook: @cryowithjnjworldwide

Video of who we are:

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