Rodrigo Pineda shoots Yana Skarabahataya


Height: 5’6”
Waist: 30”
Hips: 37”
Breast: 34C

How did you start modeling?
I started modeling back in Russian as a teenager for makeup and hair shows. When I moved to United States I was introduced to a talented photographer who asked me to model for the Paper Dolls retailer. I fell in love with photography and started doing independent projects with several photographers.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
Besides modeling, I am a professional artist. As a painter, I have been fortunate to enter and earn first place in several art shows, I also work as a commissioned artist. My work can be seen on my website

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time I like to read. Usually, I try to read two books a month. On Sundays I love watching “The Walking Dead.” I love figure skating – one of my passions from childhood. It’s great exercise and a lot of fun. I love outdoor activities like swimming and rock climbing. During my free time, I try to catch up with my friends and spend time with people I care about. Some of my friends live in different cities. I love traveling and learning about different cultures. Denver is one of my favorite cities; I love the mountains. Chicago for the city life, and Florida beaches.

Do you like pets? Do you own any?
I love pets and I own two cats!

What is your weak spot?
Christian Dior


What turns you on about a man?
Intelligence, wit, kindness and a good sense of humor.

What are your goals for 2016?
My goals for 2016 is to live a healthy life style, improve my artistic side, complete my degree in digital arts and animation.

Who is your favorite music artist?

Did you grow up with a large family?

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
New York

Any tips for other models?
Don’t be pretentious.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow me on Instagram (@YANA_SKOR), Facebook and ModelMayhem

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