Wonders in Wasteland Editorial For Alwayz Therro

Production by: Debs Curran
Photographer: Albert Lee
Editor: Ding Mu
Make up: Shireen Hazameh
Models: Debs Curran & Erika Cortes
Location: Victorville Ca

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Photographer: @Albertleephotographer
Makeup: @beautysuccess90
Models: @debscurran|@iamdebs1 & @erikacortess
Location: Route 66

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In the eyes of a single soul shines a small light of ideas in perspective of beauty and art in a post apocalyptic era where only the strong survive. He who was created in the image of a higher power is left with nothing but his own memories of a beautiful past and a present full of consequences; the end of days is now and only chance and evolution can save his sanity in hopes of a future.

He gathers all that is left in the land of the free, walks for miles every day to find dunes and debris, a road of colors and glass; someone once said if life gives you lemons…make lemonade, but with no lemons or trees left he turns his vision to his reality, a treasure in the middle of the desert, a mirage of self reflection, a city where art was re-invented to portray what once was, and to expose it’s true charm and unique heart beat, he calls out to any warrior out there brave enough to go through the intense motions to find it, to live it, to feel it, clever enough to turn a wasteland into a sensual tasteful scene straight out of a film.

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Who would be brave enough to embrace such heat? 126 degrees of intensity at light and ice cold darkness when the stars shine the brightest; they are…

At dawn, after months of traveling through Angeles sin City, the strong and independent succeed, years of battle, hunger and struggles leads their paths into a single line turning them invincible as a pack, all but one thing left to do, to find the long lost breathtaking image of a gorgeous sight in the distance, and there it was… rough around the edges yet amazingly stunning, there is hope!…

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Written by
Debs Curran

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