Woman Jumps Off Calgary Fairmont Hotel

Woman Jumps Off Calgary Fairmont Hotel

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Life is never that bad no matter what you going through.. We all been there. Take a breath and relax. Never kill yourself over a temporary problem.

Alwayz Therro - Jeni Summers - August 2015

By Alwayz Therro Mag in Alwayz Therro

96 pages, published 8/3/2015

How does it feel to be the cover girl? (Jeni Summers) - I am so extremely honored to be on the cover Alwayz Therro! I have a been a huge fan for a long time and I am so lucky to have finally had the chance to shoot with the boss man himself (Kenn) and work with such a awesome magazine not only for a feature but also a prestigious and elite cover model.

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