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How did you start rapping?
It all started back in like 2014, when one day, I walked into a music store, and decided to buy a microphone to record voiceovers for the video game I’m making. An old friend of mine brought some new friends over, saw my new home studio set up, and asked if I would record for them. Eventually, I started joining in on the fun, till I was pretty much the best rapper of our group, and getting better every day.

Are you serious in your work with video game design, as well as with music?
Well, it’s always been my dream growing up. I’ve spent some serious time into it too. I’d like to eventually finish it and make more, but for now, it probably would classify more as just a hobby, I think.

What are some of your other hobbies?
I have tons. As far as using my creativity, I love to draw, write novels, film and edit videos, photography, and even some graphic design here and there. Other than that, my normal, lazy days just consist of playing video games, watching anime or Netflix or whatever’s popping on YouTube, checking out new music on SoundCloud, study into stuff I think is interesting, like God and the Bible or other religions, or going out on an adventure, playing Pokémon Go. Don’t let the silver and gold and my cool clothes fool ya, I’m a total dork.

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What kinda girls are you into?
I know it sounds cheesy, but a good personality is always the most attractive to me. It’s hard to find a good girl out there nowadays, so I love when they come around. I’m not much about commitment in my life right now, but girls like that can make me change my mind real quick, like zero to a hundred, man. But other than that, I only shoot for an eight or above. Not just in looks either. I like a girl that carries herself with confidence. No tens though. I don’t believe in perfection. And we ain’t gotta be twins, but a girl has to at least have a few of the same interests as me. Maybe a little gamer girl? That’d be beautiful. Oh and the two main things I’m attracted to: shortness, like five foot four and below, and apparently blondes. My cowriter swears I have a thing for blondes, because of how many I’ve dated.

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Where are you from?
I was born and raised way down south in a little town called Sylvester, Georgia. I’ve moved around a lot, but I can’t stand living in the city. I’m too loud and rowdy; I have to stay back in the woods.

Growing up who did you listen to?
Well hip hop and the genres of it that I’m apart of, haven’t actually always been my favorites. I grew up listening to everything from country to rock, all the way up to classical music. I can pretty much enjoy anything that can truly be called music. Hip hop wasn’t even really my number one till I got a bass system put in my car. Then it was all Drake, Future, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and so on. Underground music is what really made me appreciate the genre though.

What inspires your music?
Music for me is mostly an outlet. I started out wanting to focus on doing music for the people, and being a good role model, but life started getting pretty tough, and eventually it just became my go to, when I was stressed out or annoyed or whatever I was feeling. But I wouldn’t be where I am without listening to these other underground artists and my competition in this game. It drives me to constantly get better.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
I don’t really have a favorite, but I think the city I visit the most is probably Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s a pretty cool place.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
Tokyo, Japan. It’s always been my dream to go to Japan. I love the culture and the scenery and everything there. It’s amazing. Whenever I do go, I’ve got a project planned just for that trip, with Japanese sampled beats, and I wanna try and get Asian hip hop artists featured on that project. It’ll be fun.

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Tell us the motivation behind your next release.
Every full project I’ve done, I’ve been trying different sub-genres of hip hop. Testing the waters, you know? Just seeing where I fit at in this genre; which one I’m best at. My first album, I tried positive, Christian rap. The second album, I tried more trap type beats with a tribal sound. So for my next project, “Re: Mixtape,” I’m doing almost nothing but old school beats and remixes of older songs and themes from TV shows. And when I say old school, I’m talking from the very soul of hip hop. So far this has been my best stuff too. But what I’ve got in store after that is gonna be even better. I think this mixtape will be a pretty big hit though.

What legacy do you wanna leave behind?
I basically want to be an example to the whole world. I don’t want to really be remembered for who I am but more for what I did, if that makes sense. Most of the time I do this for myself, but I really think people can still relate, even when this is just your own personal diary. So this is my public one. I want people to read it. See the work I put in and see where it got me. I’m a great example of you can do whatever you put your mind to. You just gotta strive for it and reach for it. That’s what I want people to see. I’m very open spiritually, but I believe in the salvation that Jesus offers in Christianity and I want to spread His name too. So I hope that my music, no matter how bad it can be, brings people closer to Heaven or at least to a peaceful life. Life doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems to always be. So in a nutshell, id say positivity and helping others find peace and sharing creativity with the world is my legacy.

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How can we follow you online?
I release most of my music first on my Bandcamp site, officialwolfe.bandcamp.com, and my SoundCloud, username: officialwolfe. I’m also on all major music stores, like iTunes, Spotify, etc. Just have to search “Wolfe” and a song name. And I’m on every social media site in existence pretty much. My Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all @wolfeisout, and my Facebook page is Facebook.com/wolfefanpage. Those are the only ones that really matter, so definitely follow me on all those to really keep up with me. And leave me some feedback on what I do! I love the support.

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