When you love something do it: Tree G Music

Tell us what you have been up to since we last spoke?
Well, when we last spoke, I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to grace stages setting the tone for awesome musicians and singers such as Frankie Beverly and Maze, Ledisi, SWV, Keith Sweat, Raheem DeVaughn to name a few. I released an album called “U Don’t Even Call” which is an ode to about only 20% of what goes on in a person’s head when waiting on a call from someone special. Hence, the “Missed Call” Tour starting near the end of Fall 2019!

Have you traveled to any cool places?
Great question, I have! Trinidad and Tobago is the first thing that comes to mind. The water was beautiful, J’ouvert was an amazing experience, the street food is definitely a reason to return, but what made it most worth the trip is the life long connections I have been blessed to identify as extended family there and can’t wait to return.

What’s the inspiration behind your new projects?
I have a list. I’m happy I get to explain this. My inspiration:

1. Literally my daydreams. (Freckled Faced Fantasies – EP)
2. Building my life and social capital around the “Iron Sharpens Iron” Ideal.
3. Never forgetting “Who” and “Whose” I am. (U Don’t Even Call – Album)
4. Loving those from afar who think their my enemy.
5. Still encouraging people to like themselves and show compassion to others.
6. Loving the pieces of me; old and new (Leaves – Album).

Did you work with any specific producers?
I’d actually like to thank the producers/ musicians, visual entities and fans from the “U Don’t Even Call” album, “Freckled Faced Fantasies” EP and the “Leaves” album; some of which can be found in the credits for the photos published with this interview as well as in the gallery section of www.treegmusic.com for a full list.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the music industry?
Be Humble, Stand Up. What you believe in should be something that will sustain you in the good and harsh times. Give yourself grace for situational ignorance and be open to learn new lessons – once. As you climb, stay consistent and keep the integrity of your quality of work. Lend a helping hand when you can and smile at the next person you see. Also, rest and drink water.
(Shameless plug: the single “Massive” was inspired by water from the album “U Don’t Even Call” available on all streaming and downloading platforms)

How do you stay motivated when you feel like giving up?
Introspection. I think of how I arrived at that point, I take a minute to regroup, do something I haven’t done in a while that once brought me joy, I pray with an “A” and stay connected to loved ones.

How can we follow you online?
My social media can be found when searching @treegmusic across all platforms – www.treegmusic.com has more information as well and is your one stop shop for everything Tree G Music from music to merch.

Tree G Music would like to thank Alwayz Therro for being just that. Until next time, press play for now.

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