What Instagram and Soundcloud partnership means for artist

You always need to know how Social media can effectively help you grow your business.

Soundcloud is the latest audio streaming platform to partner with Instagram, the companies announced Tuesday (Oct. 23), allowing users to share songs in Instagram Stories.

The news follows a similar announcement from Spotify and Instagram over the summer where users may press the “share” button in Soundcloud and then tap “Share to Instagram Stories.” Once the song posts to the users Stories, anyone viewing will be able to click “Play on SoundCloud” at the top of a story, which will then open the SoundCloud mobile app and start playing.

Apple Music, notably, still does not have a real with Instagram, likely in part because it does not have a free tier. According to SoundCloud, every month its creator community shares tens of millions of SoundCloud links and screen shots across social media platforms. With this new Instagram integration, those creators will now be able to more seamlessly promote their new music.

The new SoundCloud and Instagram feature began rolling out to users on Tuesday and is available on the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram mobile apps on iOS and Android. Via Billboard

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