What I learned from working 7 days a week

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I have been in the hotel and magazine industry for 9 years now. In this time I have learned one thing. You really don’t have any days off.

When you have multiple streams of income it’s hard to get any time off. When you love what you do why would you want to take time off. Growing up I was taught you support your own dream. When you put the time in you show yourself and the universe you really want it.

People always say no sleep all work, right. I say no hanging out with meaningless people. Use that time to get an extra hour or two to make sure you are sharp and focused on your goals.

Use time wisely
This goes back to sleep. Don’t let people take you away from your goal. If they want to go our and blow $40 on a bar then let them go. Not saying you can’t do that one time, but going 6 days a week adds up pretty quick kid.

When doing business. You are either in the green or the red. Do everything you can to stay in the green. Period.

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