How Well Do You Think You Know Haley Bryhana?

Haley Bryhana for alwayz therro 2

NM: Beansfotos
LC: New Orleans, Louisiana
IG: @beans_fotos
TW: @beansfotos
SC: beansfotos

NM: Haley Bryhana
LC: Austin, Texas
IG: @haley.bryhana
SC: yelahr

NM: Berenice Duarte
LC: Metairie, Louisiana
IG: @beremojeda

What inspired this shoot?
The inspiration for this shoot would have had to have been the man behind the camera (Beansfotos, that is) and of course sex appeal. Doing this shoot and working with him has been on the “to-do” list for a quite some time now.

How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling off and on for almost five years. It started off as just a hobby but turned into more of a passion. I fell in love with it. How I feel doing it, the response I get from the images, the amazing people I get to meet, being all dolled up; how can a girl not love it!

Tell us something random about yourself.
Most people don’t know this but I absolutely love video games and anime. I’m super picky on video games I play but it’s defiantly something I enjoy.

What do you find most attractive in the preferred sex?
The most attractive thing, in my opinion, isn’t anything physical…. To me it is being driven. Being driven to achieve goals and aspirations is so attractive.

Haley Bryhana for alwayz therro

What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?
My longest relationship was about 3 years. Let’s not talk anymore about that… LOL.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
If I could live anywhere in the world it would have to be Ireland. Who doesn’t love an Irish accent? I’m very much into small communities and a sense of community plus the beautiful scenery! If I ever disappear now you know where to find me!

What can you usually be found doing in your spare time?
Most of my spare time I spend with my family. I’m very family oriented and family means everything to me. You can generally find me with at least one person in my family.

Do you have a favorite sports team?
My first real college football experience was standing in the rain at an LSU football game. The energy of everyone was so amazing that I became hooked instantly! So if there’s ever a game or sporting event for me, it’s an LSU Football game!!!! Gaux Tigers!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a result of your aspirations?
In 5 years I’ll be close to 30! That’s hard to think about. Don’t make me think that far ahead. I hope to be someone that people recognize or have seen in different forums of media.

What’s one of your top goals for 2016?
One of my goals for 2016 is to travel more and meet more interesting people. There are so many amazing people to see and things to do! I would love to have an opportunity to see the world.

Haley Bryhana for alwayz therro 3

Do you have any regrets?
While I’m still young, I regret not taking modeling seriously when I first started. I wouldn’t say I wasted time but it would be nice to see where I’d be if I didn’t slack off when I was younger.

When it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?
I want to be remembered as someone who was always positive. I think my friends would agree that I try to be positive 99% of the time and push my positive attitude on other people to brighten up a bad situation.

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