How Well Do You Think You Know Denaron?

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What got you into the music industry?
“My parents used to have me singing everywhere we went, after every conversation with someone my mother would put me on the spot, and getting applause and requests to sing another record and record, I took like man this is my niche and all the women was going crazy, man I was loving it!”

Who is your favorite artist growing up?
“Man I love this question, because I don’t think I could ever go wrong on this one Lol, forgive me cause I have more than 2,Sam Cooke was that guy, he was Marvin Gaye favorite as well, Luther Vandross dude was just incredible like none other, but two of my favorites in my era were cats like Musiq Soulchild, and R.Kelly!”

Did you grow up with a large family?
“Large is not even the word, the numbers are so big it’s scary, my grandmother on mother’s side have like 20 grandkids, and like 12 great-grand kids, I seriously just met one of my 1st cousins from Louisiana the other day, crazy right. But check this out the crazy thing about my family, not 1 and I mean not 1 person on either of parents families know how to sing. So I consider myself pretty luck Haha, they be trying to sing, they can’t though! Love them to death!”

Describe a beat that instantly brings you inspiration?
“A great part of me singing is my range, and time to explode, so when I instantly hear “I Wanna Know” by Joe, I’m ready to sing, just go listen to the whole and its entirety dope record, than range is crazy. It’s pure R&B”

What would you tell a young artist looking to get into the industry.
“Take your time, know your craft, understand that you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable in this industry, keep recording, and network and market yourself, you have to always keep talking and promoting about your music, if not no one will take you serious, and take constructive criticism from the right people!”

Give us one with you must have in the studio during a session.
N/A- Not sure what you mean on this.

Do you have any new music out right now?
Yes sir, my new single “Body” is out right now, the Official video is out right now, it’s available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Tidal, Spotify and all the digital outlets you can think of. It’s featuring my homie Brian Angel from Day 26, he came through and blessed the record as well. I have others you can download right now, bangers like “4AM and I’m featured in the blazing record “Lord Knows” by the homie MouthPiece and JDawg. Yall definitely have to go check out all 3!!!

Any new music coming out?
“New mixtape approaching “Romance In The Fast Lane 3”, that’s going to be crazy. it’s R&B all over that mixtape. More features I’m working with other artist. New singles coming “WYD” & “Mashed Potatoes”, that record is just bananas man, it’s so easy to remember the name, each individual should enjoy that record. Man I’m just excited and I appreciate y’all having me, much love Alwayz to Alwayz Therro!

How can we follow you online?
“Google #TheRnBGentleman and I should pop up,
Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat – @DenaronMusic
Facebook – Denaron”

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