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Interview by @kennhodler

What advice would you give a young man looking to really take control of his life outside of a job and start betting?
Honest truth, this industry is hard. You just cannot say one day I want to wake up and become a pro sports bettor. You have to have many years of experiences of wins and losses to learn and grow from. I have been sports betting for the past 15 years now and did not become a professional until the past 5 years. Thats when I became very good and started beating the books consistently. There are less professional sports bettors out there than pro athletes, and we all know how hard it its to become a pro athlete. You need a good starting bank roll, a great understanding in sports, a lot of skill, some luck, and most importantly money management.

What is the number one rule you always stick to when betting?
The number one rule I always stick to is to never chase and stick within my means. 99% of people die in this industry because they chase after a loss and bet money they cannot afford to lose. You have to have money management and discipline to make it in this industry. You can’t beat the books every week. Its a marathon not a sprint.

What do you say to those people sports betting is too hard and it’s not possible?
They are correct in a way. Sports betting is very hard. If everyone won than there would not be a new casino built every year on every corner on the Las Vegas Strip. However nothing is impossible in this world. I once was like everyone else. I had a dream and vision but the difference between myself and others I made that dream become a reality with hard work and action. Remember a dream without action is just simply day dreaming.

You started off selling sports cards.. Did you always know you would eventually be making a living trading sports.
I started as a 13 year old entrepreneur. I bought and sold baseball cards growing up. Investing in rookie cards and then doubling and tripling my investments by the end of the season. I always had a knack on predicting things in sports. I have predicted 3 of the past 5 World Series winners. Most recently predicting the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series in week one of last season. I wagered a little over 100,000 and cashed out a record breaking 2.5 million. I do believe my child hood played a huge roll in my successful career in sports betting.

What is the difference between the stock market and sports trading in your eyes?
There is no difference in playing the stock market and sports betting. Both are different forms of gambling. However there is no doubt that If you follow a good sports bettor you can make way more money than playing the stock market. The final 3 months in 2015 I made a little over 4 million dollars. You have to know what you are doing to make this kind of money. MLB is my best sport. I posted a 52-1 record on my MLB system plays last season and am 125-3 on them the past 3 seasons. No stocks are paying this type or returns. All these tickets are documented on my website.

How can we follow you and your picks online and be apart of your team?
I consult for over 4000 players. Some have experience in sports betting others have none. I can help anyone thats looking for another stream of income. For information please go to my website. you can also follow me on Facebook at Vegas Dave Instagram and Twitter @itsvegasdave

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