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I am a model from Europe – best known for being featured in Bulgarian daily Telegraph more than 20 times. “Girl of the week” winner four times – December 2010, October 2013, January and November 2015. I gained fame in several countries for my work with Fashion tv photographer Balin Balev in act art photo session, published on Fashion tv (Ftv) – showing “the tenderness of the woman”, through “the eye” of fine art photography, 2013. I have publications also in Talent Rater’s magazine, USA, 2018, ModelzView magazine, India, 2018; I have been a cover girl on eCover magazine, USA, 2018. I usually pose for calendars, exhibitions, clothing, lingerie, accessories, etc.

How did you start modeling?
I started after I’ve seen an article on the net. A photographer had been searcing for models.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
I am sales representative of MUCHO lingerie.


Who is your favorite artist?
50 cent, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

Did you grow up with a large family?
No. Just my parents and my brother.

What do you do in your free time?
I like going out with friends, listening to music, singing, and dancing.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Many, but I think it is NYC.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Venice and Salzburg.


What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
Somewhere in Maldives or Hawaii.

Do you like pets? Do you own any?
Yes, I love them. I have three cats and I like feeding animals on the street. One of my dreams is to be able to feed each animal and all poor people.

What turns you on about a man?
His creativity and making me smile always. 🙂

Tell us about your management company? Many models look forward to a backing, but few land it. How did you do it?
I don’t work for a models company. I am a freelance model. I love to shoot all my ideas with good photographers. They help me with good ideas too. So, I want to thank all the people who I have worked with through the years!


What kind of men do you like?
I like black&white, strong, men who know how to treat a woman and to know exactly what they want.

What do you dream about?
I dream to make singing career and why not being an actress. Make a good family and give money, clothes, and food for charity.

How can we follow you online?

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