Terrance James Knows What It Means To Hustle

Terrance James
Richmond, Va
Email: Brokerichkid@icloud.com
Instagram @brokerichkid_
Website : www.brokerichkid.com

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Born in Frankfurt, Germany father was in the military youngest to 2 older siblings. Moved to the states in 1992 to fort lee, va moved later to Prince George County where I lived for 20 years. Grew up in a GOD fearing home father is a minister did a lot of help with the community and the youth. Started painting and designing things at very young age loved graphics infatuated with being able to create things. Didn’t really have a troubled child hood had a few run ins a lot of lessons learned.

What are your interests in life ?
Most of my interest involving art as a whole. Being able to make things from scratch. Designing whatever I can get my hands on. I love to work in any capacity whether it’s on a computer or a pencil and paper creation is my biggest asset.

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Any special talents that not to many people know about you?
I’m an amazing cook few people know that but not a lot. Most people ask after hearing about me or seeing pictures out of disbelief but I absolutely love cooking it’s a passion I’ve also for a very long time thanks to my mom for that.

What are your aspirations as an entrepreneur?
I don’t really care personally to be famous as far as my brand being well known of course but for me I’m actually cool being in the background. I want to successful in which I will be by any means necessary. I want to change the world i wanna be able to give people that fuel to do whatever makes you happy and grow to your fullest potential. Fashion , the arts , movies I wanna be apart of everything I can get my hands on and gives my ideas to the world and showcase my talents.

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How did you come up with your clothing company?
Well I had a clothing company years ago just wanted to test the waters so to speak did pretty good but I had a few life setbacks that allowed to take the time out and refocus. So I was with a friend of mine who is actually apart of the company and it was like that light bulb going off and I just knew it was a for sure thing as if the man upstairs said this is it soon as the name came to me the ideas starting overflowing and that’s how this journey began.

Do you have a public figure that you look up to?
I have a few for all different reasons just to name a couple Sean Carter aka Jay z my business mentor the best to ever do it his story of self explanatory. Lebron James the underdog in my opinion the best basketball player period been a fan since he was at st Vincent st Mary Reggie williams my close friend NBA vet the most honest guy who keeps me focused I owe him a lot but most importantly and the biggest would be My father he would be the main person I look up to you wanna talk about a man with vision a man with faith that’s him always had my back always been there one tuff you know what with a heart of gold yea my pops is that guy.

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Future goals for the company:
Definitely expansion the brand will be global. I want to be in the more exclusive boutiques open a few stores also I wanna team up with bape,supreme, play clothes the list goes on. If you seen it heard it wondered about it thought about it that’s what we will be doing.

What’s your favorite clothing company out right now?
My favorite company right now would be bape hands down streetwear at its finest.

Any words of wisdom for the future generation math at want to create and become entrepreneurs?
The main key to anything is being positive no matter what life throws at you. When nobody believes in you believe in yourself. Surround yourself with good people that will tell you the truth even when you don’t wanna hear it. Want something done do it yourself don’t ask nobody for anything you can do yourself and if you think you can’t do something learn it so nobody can say they did anything for you. Keep the faith pray and go hard everyday it will pay off. Trust me.

Photographer: Glen Dandridge Jr
Website: www.creatingclassicsphotography.com
Ig: @gdshoots

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