T-Moe Knows What It Means To Stay Hungry Even After All The Success

Long-time… what have you been up to since the last time we talked?
Man, it’s truly been a whirlwind since the last time we spoke. I believe I only had 3 placements for tv and had just won the team backpack tourney… I’ve since then had music placed on 4 more tv shows and 2 video games.. one of those being the new Mortal Kombat 11. I’ve been traveling a lot doing freestyles on a lot of the popular radio stations and YouTube platforms, and I’ve hit over 700k streams overall and have relocated to Dallas, Tx. Big changes for sure!

What advice would you give someone looking to break into the game?
The best advice I can give is to study the game. Watch and learn from the mistakes of those that are in the industry. Study your sound, learn your demographics, and become knowledgeable about the music business in general. There’s always something to learn!! STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Growing up who did you listen to?
Growing up in Texas a lot of the Houston rappers trickled down into my city. So I was listening to the Paul walls the Chamillionaire, the Lil Keke’s and UGK. Artists like that. But I also loved east coast hip hop and some west coast as well… a normal day for me back then was Chamillionaire in the morning, method man or Cassidy at noon, and spice1 in the evening.. a wide range of sounds and eras for sure.

What inspires your music?
Life in general. When I’m just rapping about nothing it’s more witty and lyric-driven, so anything around me can become a punchline or a part of a verse. When I’m constructing real songs it comes from emotions. Often times I’m in my head a lot, analyzing things that I’ve been through or things I’ve seen, so if the beat has a certain vibe I’ll speak on a certain situation. Everyday life is my greatest inspiration. And Hennessy lol

How do you feel about the state of HIp Hop right now?
It’s kind of weird actually. I talk about this a lot with some of my peers. There’s no sure-fire way to get in the industry anymore. As far as the sounds it’s a good balance of goofy and actual art, which I feel like it’s always been. But I believe there was a formula on artists getting on. Nowadays there are so many tiers of success.. for instance, if I had the same moves I had now back in 2001, I’m almost certain I’d have every label beating down my door. Now there are so many artists and the internet is the new label so it’s just really hard to break through that barrier.. but it’s exciting as well.

You call yourself the best lyricist in Texas, why is that?
Lol, that actually was given to me from my homie in Vegas. I was showing him some work of mine and he was like bro you might be the most lyrical cat in your entire state. And I just kind of ran with it. Eventually, I traveled and rapped so much around the state I started believing it and making other people that heard me believe it. Texas is a huge state so it’s near impossible to know that for sure but I look at it like this. I’ve never met anybody in my state that could flat out rap me a bar for bar. Where I come from, growing up if you had a fight with somebody and lost, every time you saw that person you would fight them until you won. I carry that same mentality with rapping. If I’m in a cipher and I feel like someone got the better verse, I will go home and not sleep until I write something way colder than whatever they spit. And the next time I see them I’m smoking them! That’s why I hold that title as the best lyricist in Texas! No matter the style, subject, cadence, beat, I promise I’ll have a 16 for it!

What keeps you going when life is telling you to stop.
Man, I’ve literally been counted out my entire life. I think that’s what makes me take a lot of the bs that comes with this industry with grace. I’ve been in real-life situations I shouldn’t have made it out of. So I don’t think any obstacle is insurmountable. Plus my mother raised me to be a conqueror and to keep my faith in the man upstairs. I also have a Lil one that depends on me. So all those things come to mind when dealing with adversity!

Any new projects coming up?
Yes! I’m still working on my debut album “sounds of separation”.. I was nearly finished with it but I moved to Dallas Texas and met with some incredible Grammy award-winning producers and some brilliant engineers who all want to help me bring that album to life.. so I ended up scrapping most of the songs I completed and reconstructing the music! It’ll be well worth it.. in the meantime I’ll drop a quick mixtape to keep the fans happy!

Tell us the motivation behind your next release.
My first mixtape “I got the juice”, was more of a personal thing I needed to get off my chest. I didn’t feel like I was getting the correct respect from my peers and from my city that I felt I deserved. So I literally became Tupac’s character bishop and decided to lyrically kill everyone for that respect, even my own friends. Once that dropped and I saw some success with that I took a 4-year break to learn the business and try to make connections. So now my album will be called “sounds of separation”. It’s basically the things I dealt with back in my city… I hated being called a local rapper, so I separated myself from that and made global moves. I had friends and loved ones snake me, so I separated myself from them as well.. and there’s this running narrative in my town that I can only rap over hard beats, I can’t make songs.. so literally the sounds of this album will prove how separated I am from that stigma and show the world how much talent and drive I truly have.

How can we follow you online?
If you’re lazy you can just google me T-Moe.. or u can find me on any social media outlet under @tmoegotbars. Any business inquiries my email is Also tmoegotbars@gmail.com

Any shoutouts you want to give?
Yes!! Big shout out to my cousin and also crazy spitter Dq Hampton! Shoutout to my team Proper Partnered! Big shout out to jah born, Tony Ballard, IQ, Namebrand and my boy billy over at valley of the Kingz studios in Dallas Texas… shoutout to all the people that show me love from my city. And last but not least the biggest shout out to my diva daughter Mia Moore!

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