If you have taken pictures and would like to share them, you can attach them to an e-mail and send to

In the e-mail message, please include your name so that we can credit the photos if they are used on the web site as well as a brief description of (what happened, where the pictures were taken, when the pictures were taken, etc).

General rules for submitting photos:

  1. You or a member of your immediate family must have taken the picture. Please do not submit images you’ve seen on the web.
  2. Images should be in a JPG or TIFF format. Re-sizing to a maximum width of 500 pixel is greatly appreciated.
  3. Alwayz Therro cannot offer any reimbursement nor compensation for any photos. The photos will include crediting the photographer
  4. Not all photos can be posted, photos of interest to a significant part of photography / modeling / artist / nature are best
  5. Please do not mail hard copies of photos, we cannot be responsible for returning your photographs.