How to stay inspired while you’re building your career

Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired

If you run across someone who says they always feel inspired 24/7, then I’ll show you someone in denial. We are all human. When things move slower than expected we tend to lose our patience and give up.

If you want stay inspired you have to remember that a road trip eventually comes to an end, if you keep moving. Someone driving to Miami from Oklahoma has a long way to go so you can see the importance of moving forward no matter what. If he stops in Louisiana.. he will never see Florida.

Everyday someone is going to try to knock you off your game. Everyday you’re going to have to push a little harder to get what you want. Everyday it’s going to seem as tho you can’t get a big break.

Keep moving eventually you will.. Some people get to where they want to go quick. Some people get to where they want to go super slow. Slow money is better than no money.

Find that light at the end of YOUR tunnel. Only you know what that is. Mine is family. Yours may be money, health or whatever you choose.. Either way your light has to be something that will keep you going when everything around you is crumbling.

Think of those old movies where someone was shot 30 times (exaggerating), but still had the energy to call for help.

Be that person. Be the person who can keep it together and fix your situation.

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