How To Stay Focused When It Feels Like You’re Drowning

Why drowning? You know the feeling when you’ve lost all control and everything seems to be going to shit? Yea… drowning. The first key is to stay calm. 

stay calm

When you’re working for the future you’re going to be hit with everything you hate. Everything you can imagine will happen. Things are going to bring you down. Things are going to be so heavy on you.

Stay calm. Remember what’s the purpose of your actions. Think with instinct. When something feels right, role with it. When Something feels wrong notice that and run away.

This life won’t give you too many chances to make your life go to the next level. You have to notice what you have and adjust.

Focus, focus, focus on the future. As you’re drowsing in these problems focus on the clear action of what you really want in this life. Have a clear mind when you do this.

Notice that problems don’t last always unless you sit around and do nothing. Start moving your arms and get out of the water.


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