Stay away from people who think your dreams are a joke

dreams are a joke

If you want to give away your ambition go ahead.. As for me no one can take the place of my dreams. When you let people come along and tell you that you’re not going to make it and that you’re wasting your time eventually you’ll start to believe this and turn into someone who does nothing. Someone who gave up.

People are going to see you trying so hard to succeed, but will bring negativity into your life just to say you can’t do it. When you don’t have money to spend on someone else and all your money is going to your future then you will see people change around you.

They will call you broke when you want to take care of your responsibilities. They will say you waste your time. They will say you are confused. They will spread lies and rumors about you to tear you apart. Just don’t let it. Hold your head up and get your weight up.

Run away as quick as you can to where you can hone your craft and grow your tree (dreams) day by day. If you never talk to a plant slowly you see it in a few days begin to die. Talk to the same plant again for about 5 minutes a day for 3 days and that same plant will begin to live again.

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