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What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots?
Recently I’ve been trying to apply a more artistic feel to my imagery. Nowadays it seems that a large percentage of photographers have gone “social media mainstream” by capturing images that don’t have a story to tell. When people view my work, I want them to be curious about the overall production and also experience the “Wow Factor”. When you’re scrolling down your social media timeline, I want to give people a reason to STOP! And of course “like” or “double tap” their favorite image. 😉

When did you discover your passion for photography?
I discovered my love for photography after living many years in Germany. It seemed that everything was worthy of being photographed. The buildings were antique and uniquely shaped, and the people were always dressed to impress regardless of the season. It was like living in a movie set for 5 ½ years. I was heavily influenced by the European culture and implemented their style and fashion into my photographs.

Who are your influences as a photographer?
Initially when I started shooting I had no mentor. For many years I was self-taught experimenting with different techniques of natural light. As time went by I came across photographer DeVictor Powell and Graphic Designer/Photographer, Justin Arrington. Both photographers were unique in their own way, and contributed several learning tools towards my craft. DeVictor convinced me to explore the manual functions of my camera and implementing artificial light, whereas Justin provided essential editing tools and tutorials in which I still use today.

How do you plan for a photo shoot?
There’s so much involved, where do I even start? Prior to the day of the shoot, I ensure that all parties involved know their roles and the services they will be providing. This includes Make-Up Artists, Wardrobe, Location, Transportation, Sponsors etc. They key is coordination, planning and having a back-up plan to the original plan (in case of no shows and cancellations). This planning process can be as early as a month prior or even a week out from the shoot date. Along with this are also the implied tasks of checking my equipment, gear etc.

What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?
What I enjoy most about being a photographer is being able to combine the element of art and style to create a vision of my own. Nothing in photography is ever the same. For instance, if two photographers stood right beside each other, shooting the same subject on the same settings, the outcome will always be different. It’s all about perspective and no two people share the same artistic vision as the next. The outcome may be similar, but things such as angles, positioning and transition will be the determining factor.

Describe your photography in your own words
I consider my photography a doorway into the minds of those who think outside of the box. At times my work may push the envelope on what society considers “socially accepted”, but it’s all about the perception of the viewer. There are a few pieces of my work that may be frowned upon and I understand my work is not for “everyone” however, as a photographer/artist I believe that my work should be authentic from inspiration to delivery. If it were compromised in any way, I would not consider it a true work of art.

What is a must have on set?
Music, music music!!! What’s a set without music? Personally I like to create a stress free environment whether it’s in the studio or on location. It lightens the mood and reduces the awkward silence between outfit changes, make up prep etc. My playlists mainly include upbeat R&B, Hip-Hop, alternative, disco, techno and a few throwbacks. Essentially there’s a little something for everyone creating a chill and relaxed vibe.

Shane Burroughs alwayz therro

What tips do you have for aspiring photographers and models?
Aspiring photographers: Don’t be afraid to chase your dream despite the criticism that you may receive. Don’t just settle in one genre of photography. Take the time to learn about yourself and your equipment and keep an open mind when being critiqued.
-Aspiring Models: Realize that modeling is an art of flamboyance and gracefulness driven by confidence and style. Identify your goals and reasoning for wanting to model. If you’re trying to make a quick dollar based on looks, then prepare to be disappointed. A true model values time understands production that goes into creating a well finished product. Take the time to perfect your craft and separate yourself from the rest. Be polite, network and willing to learn. Everything else will come together in time.

What is your goal as a photographer?
My goal as a photographer is to inspire others through art and creativity. Anyone anywhere can accomplish any goal with proper application and channeling their creativity.
“Turn your vision into a reality” -Ill.Details/Shane Burroughs International

How can we follow you online?
-Facebook: Ill.Details Photography and Design (
-Instagram: illdetails

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