Sex Position of the Week: Going Ballistic

Sex Position of the Week: Going Ballistic


By Tyomi Morgan


Sex is considered to be an alternative form of exercising, and what better way to enhance the sexercise experience than to add props to help get the best out of the workout! Sex on a workout ball has become quite popular within the last few months, and because this is a fairly new type of sex modification, I’ve decided to dedicate the next few position of the week posts to this exciting yet challenging use of props. This week’s workout ball sex position is called “Going Ballistic” and it is a doggie style position with a twist.  Sex using this ball will create a bounce back affect, so core strength, rhythm and upper body strength are needed to make sex in this position a success.

Benefits of this position

  • Deep penetration for both partners
  • Great view of the bum for the male partner
  • Strengthening of the upper body and core strength
  • Adds a creative spin to sex
  • Helps burn more calories during sex

Make sure to use a workout ball that is made of a quality, sturdy material that is less resistant to popping. You will need the extra support to ensure the ball can sustain the weight of two people. You can also use a weighted ball that is weighed down with sand in order to help keep the ball in place. For even more support, start out by propping the ball against a wall so that some of the bounce back can be absorbed by the stability of the wall.

Before getting into the doggie style position, the giving partner (him) must make sure he is positioned securely on the center of the ball with his feet flat on the floor for balance.  Once he is in position, the receiving partner (her) can get on all fours in front of him and lift her non dominant leg up for her partner to grab. He then should grab her lifted leg to pull her pelvis closer to his and wrap her legs around his back.  When she is in full position with her legs wrapped around is back, she should be in a pushup position with her palms placed flat on the floor and her elbows slightly bent to prevent dislocation. Being in this position will help her support her weight while he gives her deep strokes. At this point, both partners should be in position and ready to bounce their way to rousing orgasms.

Remember that when thrusting, the ball will bounce back, so take it slow during the first stages of this position in order to get into the right rhythm.

ALSO REMEMBER that Safer sex is greater sex so USE A CONDOM!

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