Sex Position of the Week: Game’s On


By: Tyomi Morgan


This week’s sex position is one that is simple yet very enjoyable for the receiver, and can be just as enjoyable for the giver is she likes to perform fellatio. The name of the position is “Game’s On” and it falls into the category of the traditional kneeling fellatio positions where the giver is on her knees in a submissive gesture while pleasuring her partner.  This position can be performed in any room that has a piece of furniture for the receiver to sit on and enough space for the giver to kneel on her knees.

Benefits of this position

  • Receiver can control the depth and speed of penetration by controlling the giver’s head (however the giver’s head should not be palmed unless she authorizes it)
  • Giver is in a comfortable position (use a pillow under the knees for cushion..especially on hard surfaced floors)

***always know your partner’s status before entering into sex. To find a free and confidential testing site near you, visit***

**The use of condoms is recommended during the performance of oral sex***

HOW TO GET INTO POSITION (for the male perspective)

  1. Find a comfortable piece of furniture to sit on and sit with your legs spread slightly.
  2. Have your partner kneel in front of you while sitting on her knees and direct her head towards your member

At this point you should be in full position and ready to go!