Sacha Kishlar On What It Takes To Build A Business Businessman / Founder & CEO of  Specialty Auto Brokers

What inspired you to start your business?

I have always had my own business on the side as a kid. I was a mature and serious kid growing up. I had my eBay business going from even before high school and began my interests in the stock market soon after. I was always told by most elders to only focus on one thing and be good at it, but I was not satisfied with that philosophy. Especially that my entire family, which is quite small are all entrepreneurs. As the years went on working in the corporate world after tech school I was able to see what it was like being an “employee” in the automotive industry as both a technician and sales manager. I was unhappy each and every day working for someone else and could not deal with all their malpractices and how they treated their employees like garbage. I had a work-related injury as a technician that resulted in me being hospitalized for over a month. Once I was released from the hospital I began working at a used car dealership as the internet sales manager. I was doing quite well with all the leads I was bringing in and sold tons of cars for them. The word soon spread around to all the sales guys and with every paycheck I received, I noticed it was decreasing. Which then lead me to realize that the sales guys were taking all my leads when customers would walk in and ask for me. They would just tell the customers that I was not in that day and take my sales. At this point, I had already mentioned this issue to my boss at the time, which he had done nothing about to resolve this issue since his pay was not getting affected. At this point, I got fed up and left from my office for 3 days to see if they would even notice my absence. To my return at my office, I had clearly walked into the guy who had just taken and replaced my job so I went to my boss’s office and told him my peace of mind and left. Once that took place I told myself I could do this better and the right way, which then soon after specialty auto brokers was born and put into fruition.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into their own business? 
My advice would be to be prepared to be challenged like never before and to be kicked to the ground over and over again but always come right back up no matter what. Life is all about choices and sometimes there are times when it seems like the pouring rain will never stop, but eventually, the sun must shine at some point. No matter what you just have to keep moving forward and find solutions to problems no matter how bad they may be. Always reinvest in yourself and your business, do not think that once you get some kind of traction going that it will always stay on that path. You have to be on a “me vs the world” mentality as competition is everywhere. You always have to keep thinking outside the box and adapt to changes in order to survive. I would also say to use common sense as that seems not to be so common anymore.

How do you stay motivated when you feel like giving up?
In times when thoughts like “giving up” come around, I always look back from where I had started to where I have come to now in the present and think to myself how my younger self would kick my ass knowing how far I have come to just think about quitting. I also think to myself that other business owners I know have had situations much worse then whatever I’m having, so just keep moving forward. When things are down I try my best to put that time into putting something creative together in order to generate new avenues of business, no matter what it may be.

Growing up did you have a mentor? 
I always grew up and surrounded myself with older people that were successful, which has to lead me to follow a certain example and maturing at a younger age. They were people I could always go-to for any type of advice as they have already been around the block more than once.  Of course, these are people that a view more like family then I did friends.

Hard to say what my favorite car is I’ve got so many in mind if I could have 365 cars for each day of the year I would. But if I had to pick a favorite classic car when it comes to true art and craftsmanship would be a Shelby Daytona or Aston Martin DB5.

What’s your dream road trip and what car would you take? 

Well, I’ve done many beautiful road trips with some exceptional cars already. But If I were to do it again It would be touring the roads around Barcelona & Marbella in a 991 Porsche GT3 RS.

How can we follow you online?

You can follow me on Instagram at “sabofmiamisales” and on our youtube channel at “specialty auto brokers”.

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