Ryan Ahern The Heart Of A Soldier

Ryan Ahern is a Portland, Maine born actor and decorated U.S. Army veteran known for Universal’s “Unbroken” film and Fox’s Vin Diesel Digital series “The Ropes”.

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The beginning of his film career started in 2009 after serving 5 years in the US Army’s prestigious 101st Airborne Division. During his time he served two combat tours in Iraq, obtained the rank of E-6 and earned many awards and commendations. Following his active duty service, SSG Ahern spent three years as a drill sergeant in the US Army reserves while he attended college and began his new career in acting.

Ryan was blessed and lucky to book his first ever audition in October 2009 as “Ryan Scott”, a  former Force Recon marine who is sent on a rescue mission to stop a massive, unmanned locomotive as it roars out of control in Tony Scott’s Action thriller “Unstoppable.”

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This exciting young actor has gone on to play many different roles such as Sgt. Rocky Sickman in Ben Affleck’s Oscar award winning film “Argo”, and LAPD officer Ray Powers on Amazon’s new hit series “Bosch”. Get your popcorn and Amazon Prime accounts ready as Ryan is set to reprise his role as officer Powers in a whole new upcoming season.

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