Royally Fly Knows The Meaning Of Hustle

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Brand Owner: Joey
Brand Name: Royally Fly

How did you start your brand?
It all started in high school for me. I have always wanted to come out with clothes and see people rocking my line in public. I really started doing research about starting a clothing brand when I got in college. Reading books and looking at other brands. Four years later I came out with a brand called Royally Fly in 2014 and ran with it ever since! Since then I have revamped the look of Royally Fly for a fresh start for 2016.

Growing up did you know you would get into fashion?
No, I always thought I would become a professional soccer player. It was not till 11th grade in high school where I started to become very interested in fashion and street wear.

What influences your creativity?
My life story is a huge part in my creativity towards Royally Fly. Coming from a small city and just trying to make a name for myself. Also the people I surround myself with that have the same motivation and work ethic. The fans feedback towards the old gear or the new gear. It motivates me to work hard to come out with gear that people can rock and relate it to their story and personality.

What is the biggest city you have been to?
We have been in LA for a year and just recently moved to brand back to Buffalo,NY. But our main goal is to be in every city in america.

Is your clothing line unisex?
Yes, Both men and women can rock Royally Fly. Everyone has a little royalness inside them. Express it with Royally Fly gear!

Who are your influences?
I look up to a lot of people for inspiration towards my brand. I look up to Van Styles for the photography aspect towards my brand. His work is amazing and motivates me to come up with awesome ideas for shoots and take photos to a whole new level. Also Big Sean has a huge influence on me and my brand. I can relate to his story he tells through his songs and situations that are presented in my journey with my brand.

Roayally Fly for alwayz therro

What can we expect to see from Royally Fly in the summer of 2016?
We plan on doing a lot of pop up shops in Buffalo and in other cities. Also going to be hosting a lot of events and plan on doing summer fashion shows. We hope to have a busy summer with the brand and start putting it on the map for people to know who we are.

How can we follow you online?
You can visit our website at

Twitter: @realroyallyfly
Instagram: @royallyfly

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