Rey Lynn: Beauty with Brains

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What do you look for in a man?
I look for honesty, communication, intelligence, and humor.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
I am a singer and actress. I am currently in a Feature Film for a romantic comedy called “Passion”, spokesmodel of a Feature Film “Awesome Gal”, singing an operatic role in “Anne Hutchinson”, and playing a contemporary desperate housewife in the web series “World’s Apart”.

What music do you listen to on a romantic date?
On a romantic date, perhaps dinner with a nice bottle of wine, I like to listen to something soft and alluring. Preferably a slow ballad where I can gaze into the eyes of my date and have a great conversation and/or experience.

How can a man ask you on a date?Are you picky? What’s your type?
I am a traditional twenty-first century woman. A man has to be upfront about his feelings and ask me. I do not ask a guy out. He has to be simple and know exactly where he wants to take me, whether for a romantic walk on the beach or a French restaurant. I have high standards for men, but I am not picky. I will give most guys a chance if there is chemistry, but after the first date, I know what I want. My type is the passionate, driven guy who is charismatic and confident. He has a great sense of humor and embraces life. He is positive and always challenging himself.

What turns you on about a man?
When I first look at a guy, I notice how big his biceps are. I look at his smile next. Besides his physique, a man who is confident, without being cocky, and ambitious makes me want him even more.

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How can a man get a woman to climax?
A man can easily get a woman to climax by listening to her. Every woman is different and likes to be treated as the most special woman in the universe. By listening to her voice and feeling her body, it’s easy to know what gets her most excited. Her reactions are what should drive the guy to the climax. Women are easy to read if guys listen to them.

Many models look forward to having an agent, but few land one. How did you do it?
I experienced several photoshoots and submitted to a lot of agencies. Handwork and perseverance can make any dream come true.

How do you stay motivated when it seems like you will fail?
There is no such thing as failure, just winning and learning. If you believe in that concept, you will take what worked and what didn’t in each experience, learn from it, and make the necessary adjustments.

Where are you looking to go with your modeling?
I am looking to challenge myself and show emotions expressively through all mediums. I am looking to be a role model to all young women and be an inspiration to my sister. Life is a journey, and I wish to experience several gigs.

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Ever thought about getting into acting?
I absolutely love to act, and I believe acting is a way of expressing yourself verbally and physically.

How can we follow you online?
My website is
Instagram: @raylin_nyc
I am also on One Model Place and Model Mayhem

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