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What got you into the music industry?
The love of the music, I always wrote and freestyle said how I felt at the moment even if I changed my mind that moment was captured. I always preformed but I recorded my first mixtape in two hours it was crazy. My friend had microphone and we were in the kitchen cooking. The kitchen is where we recorded and after that got a few stores to sell it and now I’m on iTunes recording in a bigger studio the travel was real.


What were some of the first stores to sell your music?
Chop Tv in kings flea market in Houston Texas that was the first store to let my mixtape in their store.

Who is your favorite artist growing up?
Tupac, Nas and Jay-z

What do you think about today’s artist?
I respect them all we all hustlers in love with the same thing that’s why I called my album “I Still Luv Her”

Why the title “I Still Luv Her”
The album is about music, her is music. I said I loved her unconditionally meanwhile she didn’t love me she loved my community except me, what’s loyalty she wanted royalty. I was just stating the up and downs of the game. People they to tax you in the game crazy but I still luv her

Where can you get your album?
It’s available on all digital stores. It was released July 1st which is my born day as well. My first album came out on my birthday trips me out every time

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
New York, Houston is where I’m from, Vegas, Detroit, New Jersey, Orlando, and Miami

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