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How did you start rapping?
I started rapping around 10 or 11 years old. I started recording music around 18 but I didn’t really take it seriously until I was about 23 years old. Around that time, I started getting noticed and doing shows at different venues around NC. So, I’m 28 now, I’ve done well locally and done a few things regionally but I’m looking to make that next step and be on a national stage next year.

Where are you from?
I’m from Charlotte, NC. Born and raised on the Westside.

Growing up who did you listen to?
Growing up my favorite rapper was Eminem, I had never heard somebody so good at rapping before. It blew my mind. Em, Jay, Biggie, I’d even go back and listen to Rakim records. As well as Ice Cube and Scarface. I grew up in the mid 90’s, so I could literally go on forever about how many rappers how would listen to. But my favorite rapper of all time is Lupe.

What inspires your music?
What inspires my music, as clich√© as it sounds, would be life. Music is therapy to me, so write when something moves me to do so. I don’t just have 100 songs stashed away on my hard drive like a lot of guys. I like for people to feel the same way as I do, whether the record is upbeat, sad, emotional, introspective, etc.

What is the biggest city you’ve been to?
The biggest city I’ve performed in would be Washington, DC. Which isn’t an actual city but you get it. As far as the biggest city I’ve been in for vacation, I’d say New York, NY.

Where is your favorite city to perform?
If you mean my favorite city to go to when I perform, it would be Durham, NC. They show so much love there. As far as just visiting, my favorite city would be Vegas.

Where do you want to live before you die?
Before I die, I must go to Hawaii, Paris, London, and Tokyo.

Tell us about your new projects!
I just released something the last week of September. It’s a four song EP entitled “Don’t Look Down”, which is available on all digital platforms. The motivation behind the name was the GOOD Music song with Kanye, Lupe, Big Sean, and Mos Def. I created the EP because I hadn’t written or released anything in nearly a year. My aunt passed away from cancer September 2016 and it really messed me up because she was my second mother. She raised me for the first five years of my life. So, this project was just me being able to write myself out of a dark place.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow me on Twitter: @Gomillz, IG & Snap Chat: @gomillz704. You can also visit my website www.gomillz.com. Thank you!

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