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I fell in love with photography when a family friend passed on their old digital camera to me. It was my first time using a camera, aside from a disposable camera, and from there I was hooked. I carried that camera around with me all the time and took pictures of my friends and family. I even began to ask my friends to be models for my initial photoshoots. When I graduated high school my parents surprised me with my first real camera, a Canon Rebel t1i, which is what I still shoot with today! My passion grew when I took a film photography class in college. I was exposed to different kinds of equipment, learned the fundamental laws of photography and was inspired to be creative with my photography. After that I knew I wanted to pursue photography professionally. I began by offering photoshoots to my friends and family. From there my experience, knowledge and brand grew and is still continuing to grow today.

Photography has always been a release for me. My daily stresses melt away as soon as I look through the lens. I love the way the camera allows me to view the world around me in a new way. From behind the lens, I notice subtle nuances that I might have missed had I not been trying to capture a unique photograph. When I work with clients, the role as a photographer has given me the privilege of stepping into and getting a close look at their special moments in life, and that is what I love the most. It is such an honor to be apart of a newly engaged couple’s excitement, capturing the growth of a family with maternity shoots, or working with models and getting to combine my love of fitness, fashion, and photography. Photography is more than a business for me; it is my own personal expression of the life, love, beauty and happiness that is all around us!

I discovered my favorite photographer in my “Women in American History” class (of all places). Margaret Bourke-White carved the path for female photographers in America. She was the first American female war photojournalist and her famous photographs were featured in Life magazine and are still iconic today. As much as I love her photographs, it is the woman behind the lens that I admire most. She was tough, determined and didn’t let traditional standards stop her from reaching her goals and from following her passion— photography. I hope that I can embrace some of that spirit, both as a photographer and as a woman entrepreneur in this day and age.

Something that I also hope to take away from Margaret Bourke-White is her passion and fearlessness when it comes to travel. I have traveled quite a bit in my home state of California and a little bit in the U.S., but have not had the opportunity to travel elsewhere. I am hoping to change that and take my photographer’s eye with me. I want to see the world and bring my individualistic view of what I see back with me through the photographs I assemble along the way. I love connecting with people and capturing their stories, whether as a couple or an individual, through just one photograph. I want to share these connections with the world and help spread peace, love and the message that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways.

Photography is just one of my many passions. My hobbies include playing guitar, dancing, being active outdoors, watching sports, and playing with my puppy, Theo. I am also currently pursuing my Personal Training and Nutrition Certification. I am extremely passionate about living a healthy life and have focused my career into nutrition and fitness. This passion comes from a very personal place. I became very sick when I was 7 years old. I spent many years in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. When I was 20, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Late-Stage Lyme Disease. Fighting the daily challenges with this disease has given me a new outlook on life. I try to live every day to the fullest and truly pursue my dreams. I fell in love with healthy lifestyles, diet and exercise, and I feel so blessed that I can turn that passion into a career. My dream would be to work with athletes with disabilities. I would love to help train athletes headed for the Paralympics. Between Personal Training and Photography, I can honestly say that I am following my heart; despite the many challenges life seems to be constantly throwing at me.


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I am currently working to expand my photography business. I specialize in engagement, maternity, fashion, and couples. You can find samples of my work on my website or by following me on Instagram!



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