Rated Next | China Fox Know What She Want

Rated Next | China Fox Know What She Want


China Fox is the artist name of producer/performer Candy Mabra.  Candy (or China as many call her)currently lives in Boston, Ma where she recently graduated from Berklee College of music with a degree in music production and engineering.

The name ‘China Fox’ is also synonymous with the collective group that is the backing live band, additional producers, session players, and songwriters that are directly involved with Candy as the face of China Fox.

China Foxís new release ëGirlfriendí is a concept album and that will pickup where 90’s and 2000’s old school pop/R&B/hip hop party jams left off. Girlfriend will include 6 original tracks that are reminiscent of a time before more modern radio pop music.

The songs tip their hats to artists like Fat Joe, Mariah Carey, Miguel, Notorious B.I.G., Usher, Mario, Ray J, Montell Jordan, Justin Timberlake, etc in a completely fresh and original way. Girlfriend plays on the irony and nostalgia of the era while maintaining a very conscious awareness for musical integrity through the use of sing along hooks paired with honest and witty songwriting. ‘Girlfriend’ is also stylized as a lifestyle brand, combining throwback music with modern fashion and art with a uniformed clean cut aesthetic.

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Alwayz Therro - Jeni Summers - August 2015

By Alwayz Therro Mag in Alwayz Therro

96 pages, published 8/3/2015

How does it feel to be the cover girl? (Jeni Summers) - I am so extremely honored to be on the cover Alwayz Therro! I have a been a huge fan for a long time and I am so lucky to have finally had the chance to shoot with the boss man himself (Kenn) and work with such a awesome magazine not only for a feature but also a prestigious and elite cover model.

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