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Instagram: @Iam_Alexander.Me

How did you start shooting as a photographer?
Well, I actually started in front of the camera as i was trying to pursue a career in the world of Modeling. I think i still have what it takes as a print model but i also decided to take what i know and convert it into the Photography side and really create my vision and display it through the lens. Now I’ve been shooting for the past two years and i am only getting better on improving my portfolio.

Tell us what are you into besides Photography?
I pretty much do a little bit of everything if the time and or moment is right. I love sports. Im pretty good at Football and Basketball. I still play Football on the weekends In a Rough Touch league with my team called Predators. I also do a bit of Graphic design work (Mainly Print work) as i have my associates in DMA. I do a little acting here and there and also pretty good with Voice Over work. Overall i feel like an entertainer. I feel i can do anything and achieve it if given the chance. You know what they say sometimes: “it’s not what you know, its who you know”.

Who is your favorite artist?
I’m from Brooklyn. so hands down i have to say Jigga Jay-Z. But I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to music so i listen to a little of everything.

Did you grow up with a large family?
I’m Hispanic (Dominican) so that’s automatically a yes. A Large family it is. lol . I was born in the Dominican Republic but came to NYC at the age of 5. I was raised In East New York Brooklyn, spent some time in Flatbush, Bed Stuy, and Now currently in the Queens area. But you can definitely catch me anywhere in the NYC area.

What do you do in your free time?
Spend time with my three year old son Jordan. When I’m not with him i try my best to shoot as much as i can with models who are willing to shoot with me and make the images come to life. Im also going to try to venture into the works of Videography as i feel a passion and vision creating stories to tell.

What city or state do you have on your list to go to before you die?
The list is too long for me to say, but i’ll throw a few out there for you. -Cali, Chi-Town, Houston, and Miami for now. Out of state i would have to say, Spain, Africa, China, and Thailand are the first that come to mind.

Tell us about your company name brand?
Think Outside Da Boxx. I came up with the name because it represents me in every way. I even spelled it differently. Im always trying to do something different from the rest, something that stands out, something eye catching that you don’t see everyday and i don’t need to say much when you see it for yourself. Also, i didn’t put the word photography in it because i much more then just photos. Just wait on it and you’ll see.

What can you tell us about the Images published in our Magazine?
This concept is definitely thinking outside da boxx. First, I would like to thank the model: Marly Lotus and MUA: Apani Smith for being true sports in going along with the concept and making it come to life the way it did. Everything came together effortlessly. I’ve seen tub shots before but then i thought why not add to it and make it fruitful, tasteful, and eye catching. In this case we provided a lot of vitamin C to give everyone’s vision and thoughts a strong immune system.

What do you plan to get or gain out of photography?
It has become my passion. I love shooting, i don’t get tired of it. I am in a happy place creating new concepts and also seeing the joy in the models faces when they see the results of the images. Hopefully i can make it a full time profession and take it to the next level where everyone will know my name and my brand. I also have plans in coming out with my own magazine in the future when the time is right.  Let’s just put it this way: I want to be successful to a point where i walk in a room, and i don’t have to introduce myself. But for now  I am Alexander.

What’s one thing you always say to yourself to not quit?
Oh that’s easy. my motto is “Keep Pushing” If you believe it, then that’s the only motivation you need. Forget about all the negativity and and haters trying to put you down and saying that you’re waisting your time. Because at the end of the day: you’ll never know unless you try. its better to fail trying then to always wonder what if…

How can we follow you online?
It’s simple to just follow me on Instagram. That’s where i have most of my recent work posted. You can also visit the website to see all other things i’ve done. I also have a Twitter account and Snapchat. Feel free to follow the whole circle and follow my journey in my photography space as i show you the world through my third eye.

Instagram: @Iam_Alexander.Me
Email: Thinkoutsidedaboxx@gmail.com
Website: www.IamAlexander.Me
Twitter: @iam_Alexander
SnapChat: IamAlexander.Me

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