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Aastik Koshy’s first album The Audiolounge, Vol. 1.0 released via his music company Turquoise Sound Company, announced him as a serious talent; able to bring a musician’s edge to electronic music, with all the freedom that skill allowed. This was followed by Saraswati Vol 1 and The Audiolounge, Vol. 2.0 in a span of 2 years. .His musical range flows from a lounge to chill or meditate with

His series of latest releases have a collection of global influences, thanks to his recent collaborations for his label Blue Magic Records and his music company Turquoise Sound.

He has worked as a musician, composer, producer gaining a momentum in his field, having a number of projects with established stars like Bernard Margarit, Artem Zhulyev, Lionel Tortolero and Ashkaflutes in 2017. He is an artist to look out for as one of the best new artists from various genres and countries around the world, bringing out a new paradigm in the music world.

After a word with his label administrator, we have information for you! His signature sounds will once again appear in his upcoming release Ocean Palms (release date 2018) in collaboration with —-Miko Mikulicz, and Icy-guitars among many others. This will be a Turquoise Sound Label release, taking you to another frequency with chill-out summer tones sprinkled across the album and seductive cascades of jazzy rhythms tease the senses.Also, There is an incredible melt in his new project Jelly Fish Dreams scheduled for release via Blue Magic Records this year along with many other like working with an American minimalist ambient composer Alonzo Ramon titled ‘Ocean Airports’ and ‘O Labrinito’ with Brazilian experimental artist Signal & Ruido ( Mateus Carvalho ).A collaborative effort from Us based Sailfish Soundsystem brings us chilled out downtempo project ‘Deep Blue Visions’ soon. We will hear layers of ambient electronica mix and plenty of chill in his upcoming solo releases ‘PolyMorph I-V’,’Whale I-VIII’ and ‘Seasons’.Other works in the making include various new projects with amazing new artists like InternalEye, Nimanty, Red Ice Project, BoomBaba, Oxylus, Freakuency, Obscure Circuits and more!


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