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How did you get started?
We started in music very young. We grew up in the church and it really shaped and formed us musically. From there we branched out and got into any local events in town and participated in school music clubs.

Where did you grow up?
We’re from south jersey. Just across the bridge from Philly! We’re in la now.

Who’s your favorite sports team?
We love the Philadelphia eagles and so happy we finally won the chip.

Growing up who did you listen to?
Growing up we listened to anything from gospel to pop. Mahalia Jackson and so many gospel groups and choirs of the 50-70s played all the time in our home. Our first ’45 was the Shirelles ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ We’re very influenced by soul of the 60s-70s and some 80s. We love Curtis Mayfield, The Isley Brothers, The Ojays, The Pointer Sisters, The Emotions, anything Motown, Stax artist, Earth, Wind & Fire, lesser known groups such as The Ebony’s, Black Ivory, Hodges, James & Smith & The Sweet Inspirations. Soul music is our favorite to vibe to. We also picked up on pop artist like Celine dion, Janet Jackson, we loved TLC, and of course Whitney Houston while growing up.

What inspires your music?
The golden era of music inspires us. There was so much soul and depth. There was raw emotion and the writing was impeccable.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
We love to visit philly. It’s sort of our backyard growing up in jersey. There’s always something to do and the energy is like no other.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
There’s so many places to see!
Sonya: I’ll love to visit Ethiopia. It’s a place I would love to explore before I call it a wrap.
Sabrina: Sonya has been to Egypt and said it was wonderful so I’ll love to go there!

Do you think social media has helped or hurt music?
We say it’s a little of both. Social media does give you an outlet to be creative and reach out to people music easier than ever before & for your following to feel as if they know you. The downside is some companies just look at numbers and not the talent.

Where do you see the state of r&b now?
It’s tough right now for that style of music. we think the 90s probably were the last decade of real r & b music. The 90s had more variety and artist making lasting hits we still hear today. There are many artist that are staying true to the from but it’s not hit the mainstream like it once was. We just say to those that are doing it to just keep on.

What’re some of your most recent success?
We recently opened for The Spinners & Ruben Studdard. It was a great experience. We grew up on The Spinners! Ruben was amazing and it was for his Luther Vandross Tribute tour. He did amazing & it was so great to hear him singing those love songs.

What’s your pre-show regime?
On the days we have to perform we stay as quiet as we can. Talking too much can strain the vocals. We do our warm ups. Drink warm herbal tea, eat light about 1-2 hours or so before performing, meditate, get centered. Before we hit the stage say a prayer and leave it on the floor!

Tell us the motivation for your next release?
The motivation behind our next release is on the state of the world. We have a new single & video coming out very soon. There is so much tension and not enough love for one other. So we feel it’s our duty to speak on those things and to bring more love and unity into music.

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