Up Close and Personal With Christina Wen

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Photo: Tiare Rush
Hair: Christina Wen
Makeup: Sarah Eisenberg
Wardrobe: Christina Wen

From Orange County California, I began modeling while attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. It started as a hobby and as a way to express my creativity. As a designer, I designed my own collections, created stories and collaborated with photographers to make it come to life. Eventually, after graduating from Art Center, I signed my first agency Chic Models and began working at the professional level. My first big campaign was for Clairol Professional. I was featured in their swatch book, on flyers, promos, and continue to be featured on their website as part of their lookbook.

Eventually as my experience grew, so did my portfolio and my know how in the industry. I signed my first exclusive contract in 2014 with Bella Agency, and continue to be represented by them exclusively across the board. With Bella, I’ve booked major brands such as Reebok, Yahoo, Bibigo, Smirnoff, ABC Family, Sleep Number, Princess Cruises, Living Spaces and Ray Ban.

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My Hobbies and work:
Being a creative, I always have some sort of project lined up. I currently work freelance for a clothing company doing graphic design as well as marketing and photoshoot production. On the side, I also enjoy sewing and prop making. I also love staying active, and occasionally teach yoga as a certified yoga instructor.

Favorite Model:
Growing up my favorite model was Miranda Kerr. I always loved her unique look as well as her versatility.

With Hollywood just down the street, Los Angeles is a hub for talented actors and high budget production companies. Because of this, LA is a natural choice for clients that want to sell a lifestyle. Companies like Samsung, Google, Apple, HP, Intel, and Yahoo are known to cast and produce their campaigns right here in Los Angeles.

As a model in the LA Market, the ability to act is a must in order to stay competitive. Although acting is not my focus, I continue to work on my acting skills. In the past I have taken several acting and impov classes and workshops. I’ve also worked on a few low budget/student films.

Favorite City:
My favorite city to visit is Tokyo, Japan. With so many different areas and so much life, Tokyo, Japan has a place for every type of person. Whether you enjoy the serenity of the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, or the bustling fashion center of Shibuya, there’s always something amazing to experience in Tokyo, Japan.

Bucket List City:
Being someone with a creative background, Rome Italy is definitely on my bucket list. With Vatican City right next door, I can’t help but dream about seeing the original works of the Michealangelo, Raphael, and Caravaggio.

I love pets! I currently own a Pomeranian dog named TJ! He’s an adorable 7-pound ball of fluff that never fails to greet me like he hasn’t seen me in years every time I come home. There’s nothing more therapeutic than haveing a pet!

Interesting Fact:
I’m a Cosplayer! As I have mentioned, I love to sew, and making things! This translates really well into the geeky world of Cosplay! I’ve actually worked professionally as a Cosplayer, and have been commissioned by a gaming company to create and wear the costume of one their game characters as part of a promotional event.

You can follow me online on my personal Facebook, or follow me on Instagram at @ctwen.

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