How Photos are used in Building Brands

Brand building is an activity that companies or product producers invest heavily to inform the public of their new and existing products in the market.

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A brand is defined as the personality of a product or company, which is created through the relationship between it and world. Generally nearly every brand has a visual element that is defined by illustration and real world imagery although other companies does it perfectly than others. In this process brand image is the key channel. Posting of images on social media is seen as the most effective activity to ensure a successful public awareness campaign. However, taking your brand to a step ahead, entails learning on how to use photographs in way that is efficient as far as possible.

The first thing to ring in your mind when considering the kind of photograph to use in building your brand is the kind of emotion such image will stir. Through this one can achieve a successful brand showcasing. Developing a brand photographically can involve the following steps:

1. Create a mood board
Get photos of all sorts that appears to be similar to your own. Obtain inspiring things from your competitors, lifestyle brands or even from magazines. Always show aggression in curation and use photographs that stand out
truly and harmonize themselves alone. Eliminate the rest. The same be done to your moodboard.

2. Use a photography section to create a style guide
After selecting the best photos to use, create your own patterns and collect all the photographs to a single style guide. This will always help you stay consistent and remain focused and in this ensure you factor in considerations on what content to be included in the photos, the story your image will tell, what mood will the photo create when they are viewed, and how will editing be done to the photos. These are some of the questions to ask yourselves.

3. Always tell a story
Choose a photo that will make the viewer to feel something when he looks at it. Always be critical in this stage. Always select a photo in your design that will convey a message to the next level rather than just being filler.

4. Use excellent photos
Analyze the brand photo you select to ensure that it qualifies having the best photo visual attributes. These includes; lighting, contrast, colors, composition, distractions, and authenticity.

5. Be consistent
Always use your style guide in telling stories associated with your products. This will ensure that your old customers will be able to identify your product easily when they see photos. When done consistently, someone can easily know your product without even using caption.

It is well known that imagery evokes a perfect emotional response of the target people of your brand. Examples showing how good photography can improve branding include: for instance from Facebook news, for a period of one year videos from brands and people increased by 3.6X year-over-year. This shows that brand selling through online networks attracts more people as they like watching videos and viewing photographs. Another good example on this is the When this site analyzed top 10% of the posts of thousands of Facebook brand pages, it was established that photos posts fetched highest engagement. With this statistics, photos can be a good avenue to build brands.

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