Photography Inspiration – Jerome Licht Mastering The Lense


Photographer: Jerome Licht
Location: Switzerland

We don’t have to be in the same country to have the same taste in photography. We are giving this one shine because of the mood of every shot.. What you see is real time quality. Rawness of an environment brought to life.

Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-3-600x400 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-5-600x401 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-6-600x400 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-10-600x401 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-11-600x899 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-12-600x401 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-14-600x399 Photography-by-Jerome-Licht-15-600x401

Print Issue 96

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