Phat Cleaners Changing House Cleaning Services In New York

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So tell us.. What was the inspiration for starting your company?
My inspiration for starting Phat Cleaners came from many years using other cleaning services and was disappointed every time after each cleaning sessions. The cleaning agents would not have company uniforms. They would clean poorly. The communication between me & the agent would be a problem also. They didn’t speak English well.

Growing up did you know you wanted to start a business?
From age 10 I always new that I wanted to be a owner of a company. I have always enjoy the freedom to be not confine to a specific place & time.

Tell us about your clientele?
The clients that use Phat Cleaners to provide their cleaning assignments are individuals looking to get top notch cleaning by a Service Model that address all their needs and provide excellent customer service.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
My favorite city to visit has to be Miami,Fl. Nice weather

We know you service NYC. Any other cities?
Our brand can only be found in NY at the moment.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
I would love to visit Las Vegas before I die.

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How do you stay inspired when things look like they may not work.
When things may look like they may not work I get inspiration from family & friends. I always get the advice that I need.

Any advice for a someone starting a business?
The advice that I would give to someone looking to start a business would be to have tons of patience.

How can we get our first cleaning? How can we follow you online?
For someone looking to try out the service for the first time you can call (718)-360-5222. Visit: make reservation thru the site also.

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