Be patient.. take the good with the bad


So much shit is going to happen to you when you trying to come up.. We all want to come up right.. What stops us the most? Failure. Rejection. Someone not appreciating what you do?

I hate to break it to you, but if you do things for other people you’re going to always be let down. Someone is going to always say you did this wrong or left them out.

Someone is going to always talk about your past. Someone is going to always talk about your mistakes no matter how much you clean it up.

When you try to do good things for people they won’t see the good you tried to do, but the bad that happened. If you get that you’re a winner. Stay to your family and keep outsiders business.

People are going to come and go from your business, but your family will always be around. No matter how loyal someone say they will be to your business they will always value theirs over yours.

Open yourself up to the future. Be patient. Continue to do your work for the cause never for the people. The people will benefit because your intentions are true. Take a sip of a hot one and relax your mind.

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