Keep shooting your shot

Everyday is going to seem like small problems, keep popping up. You will run into things that will make you want to quit every single day of your life. Just Read Article

Push harder for your dreams

Your dreams won’t come true without hard work. Get out of your comfort zone and never let anything hold you down. When I first started in the broker industry I Read Article

Know where you want to go

Knowing where you want to go is the best part of going your own way. You don’t want to aimlessly strive for something in which you you don’t know how Read Article

Hold on to your vision

Your vision of what you like to do is going to be tested. People will look to see if you truly are into your vision. How far you go and Read Article

Be serious about your dreams

People are going to test how much you really believe in your dream. They are going to think you are playing around if you show them it means nothing to Read Article