One thing you can learn from #TylerTheCreator and his new deal with Sony

People if you don’t know bout TTC then you are missing out on someone who has the ability to move in silence and make moves. One thing you can learn is that you don’t have to be the loud one to make a difference. Do your thing and let things come to you.

Tyler The Creator and his Bald Face Productions partner Lionel Boyce have signed a First-Look deal with Sony Pictures Television, which will enable the pair to create scripted and unscripted projects on TV and digital platforms.

According to High Snob Society, Boyce described Sony Pictures Television as a hub of great content and stated, “We’re excited to be a part of a place where we will have the resources to develop new ideas.” Tyler simply stated, “Tacos are great with bbq sauce, I’m excited.”

Jeff Frost, the president of Sony Pictures Television, said in a statement that the deal is a “dream come true,” and described Tyler and Boyce combined as “creative genius.” He also said, “Tyler’s unconventional ingenuity is unparalleled, and we are excited about the prospect of what we can create together.”

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