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Co-Founder Rashida Mohammed Pangabu and Zainab Azumi Muntari Pro Tour Africa was founded by two female college students who saw an opportunity to promote their country through tourism to the world beyond theirs. The aim is to make traveling and touring in Ghana responsible, sustainable and more rewarding by offering unique travel experience and holidays tour itineraries for individuals and groups.

If someone from America wanted to visit what would be the first step?
First after contacting us, we go through details like your duration of stay, when you plan to visit, and places you are interested in vising while in Ghana. Then we draw an itinerary customized to suite your needs or you can choose from our already existing tour packages and itineraries. We start making travel preparations (eg visa, flight, hotel ect) and before arrival, we help you prepare so you can easily adjust when you arrive.

Do you handle the entire process of the trip?
Yes we do manage the entire travel process from the start till your departure.

Do you provide a way from the Airport?
Yes, we provide airport pickups and drop offs to all guests who require it.

What packages do you offer?
We provide day tours and multi day tours which includes historical, cultural and adventurous themed tours. We also provide weekend getaways for individuals, couples and groups who are looking for holiday packages. Some of our destinations include the slave trade forts and castles, animal safaris, Canopy Walkways, hiking on the tallest mountain in Ghana, botanical gardens, monkey sanctuaries/villages and breathtaking waterfalls.

How long is the trip?
Our standard multi day packages are about a week long but the duration of the trip always depends on the individual and how long they want to stay or visit.

How can we purchase packages?
You can visit our website at to send a message or email us at You can also find us on Trip Advisor and Tourradar by searching ‘Pro Tour Africa’.

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