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What was the motivation behind starting your brand
It’s amazing how GOD puts you in positions that are meant for you to be in even when we don’t ask for them. That’s the best way for me to explain it because i was already in the industry working at another company so when the time came for me to be out on my own I initially was fearful of being on my own but the support has been amazing and it motivates me everyday to keep pushing and doing more everyday

What year did you start Next Level
Next Level actually started in 2014 I Houston Texas. Originally I had plans to open the business in either Miami or Los Angeles to spread our wings with the brand but we decided to keep the home base first with Houston and then move forward in the future with other locations

Growing up did you all know you wanted to get in the car business
I didn’t always know that we would get into the car business but I did know I loved cars and it was a fortunate that we were all able to turn it into business. In high school I spent at least 10,000 in a Honda Civic that I owned at the time and with that people noticed and asked questions on how it was put together and also asked for tips on how to get there car fixed up too. I guess then I realized I just might be on to something lol

Give us some of the cars you deal with
In all honesty collectively we have done and dealt with almost every car on the market except the Bugatti (bucket list) and that’s because we market to everyone high and low we feel at Next Level everyone deserves a high level of service whether you are driving a Honda or a Mercedes doesn’t matter because your guaranteed to get the same amount of professionalism and respect

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to
The biggest city that we have been to would have to be Los Angeles. The reason being is there car culture is so fast forward. The things that they are doing and putting out are always ahead of the curve and we love that because this is how you win by beating other to the punch. There are many ideas we brought home from LA and some people frowned upon it initially because there weren’t ready to embrace it just yet but when we put the product out on other projects they slowly migrated back.

Do you see the industry for cars in Texas more profitable in any other state ?
As far as profit go things are surely big in Texas because we love our cars and we can drive them year round I mean literally Christmas Day you can roll around in a convertible with shorts on. Some other markets on the east coast aren’t as fortunate but Miami and Los Angeles are right there too there markets can do the same thing which is why we are surely interested in tapping that market in the future

next level automotive alwayz therro 1234Describe a typical work day
A day to day with us is literally all over the place but organized at the same time. We start at 9:30 which is 30 min before we actually open to see what needs to be done and executed for the day. Once we know what needs to be done and what we want to accomplish we do just the until we are done. Even though we have business operating hours often times we will work late if necessary to complete projects on time and deliver them in a timely manner. Even if it takes us delivering the car right to there doorstep and picking it up too whatever it takes to get the job done is our thought process.

Do you work with all buyers
For sure we work with all buyers and vendors. In reality we all need each other even if we act like we don’t that’s the only way we can truly get further in the industry. I might have something down south that they need up north or on the east or west so why can’t we get money and be successful together?

What other services do you offer at the shop.
Besides doing rims and tires we offer a variety of services people can use on a day to day basis. For example we do body work and also take in insurance claims from all authorized companies. In addition we offer roadside service to our customers with tow service bent wheels and car trouble. So aside from being able to fully customize an interior and exterior of a car we are able to provide normal day to day services for our people too.

What advice would you give entrepreneur looking to start their own business
The best thing to do is find something you love doing and if you had to you wouldn’t mind doing it for free. When you put GOD in everything anything is possible and I’m a firm believer in that. I’ve seen what it’s like to have nothing and literally build it from the ground up and I’m nobody so anybody out there can do the same thing bigger and better than me.

Were there any hardships struggle you had to overcome
It takes confidence to go against the grain which is going to school graduation then job searching. I finished school high school and college to make my mom proud but I never wanted to work for anyone long term even though she wanted and believed that was the way to go and I don’t fault her because that’s what she grew up knowing and seeing but i saw entrepreneur’s and that was my focus and passion to chase and pursue. So with that being said every time she offered me a job or places that were hiring I never even went to fill out the application lol. So there were definitely some tough times but by the grace of GOD and a great support from my friends and business partners we overcame .

next level automotive alwayz therro 123Are there any other business ventures other than automotive you want to pursue.
We have recently been putting attention to music because just like our car projects are art so is music. T.O.G. Is the artist that we are working with at this time under G.I.E. So def be on the lookout from great things coming from him in the upcoming year it should be very eventful for us all.

How can we follow you online.
There are several ways to reach us we have a website on Instagram and Facebook at nextlevelautomotive and even on Twitter nextlevelautom1. So anyone of these ways we are always readily available to be at your service and take whatever project you have for us to the Next Level.

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