New York City Plans to change the way you pay for the Subway

The turnstiles at the New York Transit Museum turn back time.

Nickels were used before tokens. The MetroCard will be around a few more years.

The facility offers a look at the past, present and future of various subway and bus topics.

New and updated exhibits have been created including a section that looks at future fare payment plans.

On Tuesday evening, the MTA’s New Fare Payment Program Executive Director spoke at an information session.

“We need scalability and not just future proof, but future ready technology,” said Alan Putre, who has worked for MTA NYC Transit for three decades.

In May 2019, the first of five phases will be rolled out along the Lexington Line from Barclay’s in Brooklyn to Grand Central and on Staten Island buses. A new reader will begin to accept tap and go credit cards as more stations and buses are brought on line through 2020.

A transit card issued by MTA, electronic tickets, and cash will also be part of the new payment system.

A technology company that has created other fare payments has the more than $570 million contract for the project. It was awarded by the MTA in October 2017.

MetroCards will be accepted as the program is implemented through 2023. Via Pix News

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