Never give up on yourself


Coca-Cola sold only 25 bottles in its first year.

There was a guy who began singing and playing guitar at the age of four. His parents didn’t want him to watch TV too much. He was banned from playing video games, but he had a lot of books about arts.

He didn’t enjoy school and was even bullied. A year later he decided to quit school and follow his dream of making into the music industry.

Now things didn’t go as planned and he ended up homeless, often sleeping on trains just to get by. It lasted for three years where he had no place to live.

He spent multiple nights & days performing to small groups often without even eating. To his surprise, some of his tracks viral on iTunes.

By the end of the year 2011, his album sold 801,000 copies making it the 8th best-selling album of the year. His name? Ed Sheeran. (read more)

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