Never be afraid to get your hands dirty

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Most people when they aspire to be in a high position they tend to forget that somebody has to do the dirty work. Unless you coming into the game already set then pay attention.

Figure things out
Need a photographer for a shoot? Learn how to shoot yourself until you generate the money for it. When I first started in hotels I would do all the work I needed to make the business run smooth. Hard work beats a college education.

Get sweaty
If you need to get 500 flyers out to the public by Tuesday and have no money to pay a street team, then throw on your sweats and get to work. Get out there. Let the world know what you bring to the table.

Push yourself
Force yourself to get up early to complete that task. Force yourself to talk positive to yourself so you can get your goals in check. It sounds Elementary, but you will be surprised by the amount of progress you make when you push yourself.

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