Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed With David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower

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David Carreras is the author of Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement. All natural, at-home exercises to make your penis larger, last longer during intercourse, achieve stronger erections on command, and more:

How did you start writing books?
I started off writing about men’s sexual health/improvement without even thinking about it. I used to answer a lot of questions on a sexual health forum, because the topic has always interested me (and because I had overcome a number of sexual issues myself, so I could relate).

I picked up some very effective sexual techniques and exercises over the years, and shared this information with guys who had similar problems (premature ejaculation, not being able to get an erection due to anxiety, an inability to make a woman orgasm during sex), and saw that I knew quite a bit more than the average guy, and was helping lots of men overcome their problems and improve their sex lives.

I also knew some other interesting techniques, like exercises I used to increase my penis size, and how to stay hard after orgasm, which was also very interesting to these men.

I saw the endless need for this information, so I put everything I knew into one guide. Other than that, the only other writing I’ve done is on my blog.

Where’d you get the name Mr. Manpower?
My guide used to just be called “The Ultimate Sex Guide For Men”, and I received an email from a guy who I helped to overcome his premature ejaculation and performance anxiety. In the email he said that he really liked the way I taught men to rely on their own powers… that I was like a “Mr. Manpower”… I thought the name was a bit corny, but I loved it at the same time, so I kept the nickname and ran with it.

Growing up did you know you would be an author?
I never really thought I’d be a writer. As a kid and throughout college I never looked at writing as anything more than homework, although many of my English teachers took a liking to me and my writing. I’d write about real life, and things I’ve seen, without much of a filter, and I guess they found it entertaining. I liked most of my English
teachers in return, though… maybe I did like writing a little, even back then.

Do those exercises to increase “size” really work?
Natural penis enlargement, in general, takes a bad wrap thanks to scam male enhancement pills, that don’t do
anything. There have actually been a number of class action lawsuits against a lot of those companies, due to their false claims.

However, with manual techniques, and enough work, a man can add an inch or so in length (some have added significantly more – but not many), a good bit more girth, and increase flaccid size. I’ve added 1.5 inches in length, and a good bit more in girth, but have worked very hard on it. If you send an email to, you’ll get some before-and-afters showing results men have achieved, because quite frankly, it was even hard for me to believe these techniques worked before I gave them a shot. I’m a skeptic by nature. Weight hangers have also been shown to significantly increase length, but in my opinion, are a bit scary.

Tell us one thing we can take from your book?
That there are natural ways to do everything you want in bed, without having to take medication (even when older!). You can achieve harder erections, last longer, and be an amazing lover without the need for any “outside source”. Also, even though exercises to increase your size work, technique during intercourse is more important than size or stamina. A “smaller” man can please a woman much better than a “larger” man, if he penetrates her the right way (most men don’t know what the hell they’re doing down there…).

What city have you been to with the most beautiful women?
Cali, Colombia. I have an uncle who’s real big in real estate down there; he wanted to do a study of the city to see if was worth putting an office there. I was doing my own studying… Man, the ratio of GORGEOUS women to regular-ass looking dudes is crazy. I heard Medellin is even better, but haven’t gone yet.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
Medellin! Or something way different; I love the feeling of culture shock.Tokyo, Japan would be very interesting.

How can we follow you online?
My blog:

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