Mz Blue knows what it means to stay focused until you succeed @Forevermzblue

Tell us about your upcoming movie you have out now?
It’s called Pipe Dreams and I played a character named Raquel. I had such a great time filming with the cast. The movie hit theatre on July 26. I have to give a shout out to Jalaworld Productions for casting me in her movie. It has opened doors to so many other opportunities.

Since our last article how has things changed for you?
Since the last article I’ve grown a lot as a person and as an artist. I think when I first interviewed with you a few years ago I was experimenting with my look and sound. Now I am in the direction I want to be as far as looks and sound. I’ve worked with a lot of other underground talent and won several awards for my music. It’s been a long journey.

We hear you have a book coming out now tell us about that?
Yes, I’m writing a book about my experiences in life. I talk about the good and the bad. I talk about some of the challenges I’ve faced being a woman trying to break into entertainment. I don’t have a release date yet but at the rate I’m going it will be complete by next year sometime.

Growing up did you have a favorite author?
Growing up my favorite author was Stephen King. My favorite book genre is horror and I wrote short stories and scripts that were pretty scary.

How does writing books help with your music?
I think book writing helps with my music because I’m able to be creative and I’ve always wanted to paint a picture to whom ever is reading or listening.

What do you think about the state of female rap?
I get asked this question a lot and I feel in terms of female rap the whole category is slowly diminishing . The 90’s is my favorite era because there were so many female rappers at one time. It was hard to choose because they were all talented and doing their thing. Now you see one main female rapper and if we’re lucky maybe two and it’s all starting to sound the same. There’s no magic in it, I really wish the industry would put more female rappers in the game. I just don’t think it’s fair and especially to under ground female rappers like me who go un-noticed and we’re just as talented.

Do you have a favorite hip hop artist?
It’s hard to say because I like many artist. I think right now I listen to Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kendrick, the most.

What’s the motivation behind your music?
The motivation behind my music is my family. I don’t want to struggle anymore, I want my kids to know and see how hard work can pay off, I got shit I have to prove it’s now or never.

Do you have any new music coming out?
I’m working on a mixtape and hoping to drop on my birthday Nov 25, I’ve always wanted to drop a mixtape on my birthday so I’m looking forward to that. Then I’m going to put out an EP sometime next year. I might record it in Atlanta I want a different sound for that one.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow me on Twitter at Forevermzblue, I’m on Instagram as Forevermzblue. Thank you so much for the interview you’ve always been a real 1!!

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