MUGLER Spring Summer 2012 Runway Show

Lady Gaga wows once again – this time in an exclusive film directed by Inez and Vinoodh – at the MUGLER Women’s Spring Summer 2012 fashion show in Paris, France on September 28th under creative direction of Nicola Formichetti. The film contains an EXCLUSIVE remix of “Black Jesus + Amen Fashion” by DJ White Shadow. The collection “…is about emotion and memory and something forming and abstract rather than complete… We concentrated on the idea of the silhouettes.” said Formichetti of the pieces. Seen in the garments were classic tailoring techniques spliced together or cut-away giving the garments a more abstract quality. The pieces looked like “second skin” some pieces were accented by Swarovski crystals. Follow us on Twitter: Join us on tumblr: Like us on Facebook:

Debbie Bliss Spring Summer 2012 Vogue Knitting Magazine

The latest Debbie Bliss Spring/Summer 2012 pattern issue is finally here! As usual there is a great assortment of patterns for women and children, as well as some classic home decor patterns.

This issue features patterns with yarns that shimmer, classic stripes, great sailor designs for kids, lacy shawls, and coffee and cream home decor. You’ll have a total of 30 new patterns to play with.

25 comments on “MUGLER Spring Summer 2012 Runway Show
  1. animalctba says:

    this video is embarassing. if i would be her mother i’d be ashamed.

  2. animalctba says:

    tecnically it’s kind of cool, but it’s contenu is shit.

  3. Arpiri says:

    @sisar97 Doesnt she say fraulein mugler, which means mrs mugler in German?

  4. hawterthanu69 says:

    @animalctba fashion isn’t ridiculous uh it means a lot to a lot of people. in the words of anna wintour “just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand blue jeans instead of something basic from K-Mart it doesn’t mean that you’re a dumb person.”

  5. esesvod4774 says:


  6. vesiification says:

    1:23 She wore this at the bill clinton foundation concert!

  7. XxjceeT6xX says:

    @animalctba needs to shut the fuck up and stop commenting.

  8. aeg212 says:

    Great, Mugler is ruined by Lady Gaga.

  9. rongladiator says:

    MUGLER and GAGA rule,love you both..

  10. EricB256 says:

    As great as the comeback show has been, this presentation following it just has too much Gaga and not enough Mugler.

  11. bullybullyful says:

    Gaga looks like a retarded with those teeth!!

  12. cornelljohnson363 says:

    omg wtf what in the world im so confused and scared i think i just crapped my pants lady gaga your so wierd i love it

  13. cornelljohnson363 says:

    you know what animalctba fashion is not ridiculous your existence is fashion is a way to express yourself and since you dont see that you probably dress like crap you really need to stop talking out of ur azz and talk out of your mouth.

  14. Carlovenian says:

    Marry the Night (EXCLUSIVE Preview)

  15. tatiagarcia says:

    I totally love the video

  16. KalosArmos says:

    Im on the weird part of youtube again :$ ….

  17. arturo6780 says:

    ¬¬ Iff you dont know about high-fashion, then why aree you here….. ♥ Lady Gaga.

  18. TheHorazzio says:


  19. SergiosTorrents says:


  20. cvstro says:

    @KalosArmos -3

  21. Sumnerlys says:

    Sumnerlys – Envy

    Sumnerlys – Envy

    Sumnerlys – Envy

    Sumnerlys – Envy


    Thank You For Your Support !

  22. kevi246 says:

    wtf…. did i just… watch…

  23. stinky242 says:

    hey kids? what’s new?

  24. stinky242 says:

    @kevi246 it wasn’t epic, like mcqueen

  25. marchels28 says:

    she looks like a nerd.

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