Ms. Be: A Different Breed

This Gem of an artist moved to Oakland California at the age of four. The daughter of a saxophone player, and grand daughter of a jazz manager; Ms. Be was introduced to several genres of music. “There wasn’t a time that my father wasn’t playing music. There was music playing from the time I woke up, to the time I went to sleep.” At an early age Ms. Be was listening to artists such as John Coletrane, Thelonious Monk, Gil Scott Heron, Bobby Blue Bland, and Doug Carn.  When she was about 7 years old Ms. Be’s dad began to introduce her to 80s hip-hop and R&B albums. “I’d be walking home from school and I could hear the music blasting from my house blocks away. But the music wasn’t always jazz or blues, sometimes it was Public Enemy, Whoodini, Run DMC, and other artists of the 80s”. Ms. Be was also influenced by the story of Frankie Beverly & MAZE. Ms. Be’s parents had a close relationship with the group before they became an R&B sensation. One of their popular hits “Golden Time of Day” was written by Frankie on a piano that still sits in Ms. Be’s childhood home. “I remember visiting Frankie’s house after the group had entered stardom. Witnessing their success after such hard work was inspiring!”

Ms. Be has always had an interest in words and the use of vocabulary. This influenced her love for hip-hop and other genres of music. By the age of twelve, Ms. Be was writing raps to the beats of popular artist such as Foxy Brown, Mc Lyte, RBL, E40 and many others. She has honed her skills and is back in this rap game full force! She has even broadened her range of skills to include modeling and acting. Be on the lookout for Ms. Be! She is taking the game by storm.

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?
I’d say I’m refreshing. I am a female rap artist that renews hope in future of hip-hop. I create songs that make people feel good. My supporters can count on hearing music that is both high in quality and entertaining. They will get everything from party/club tracks, to tracks that are more personal; songs that share things about me that I haven’t shared with many.  I don’t think I can be compared with any other rapper, be it male or female.  I’m sure people will want to compare me with Nikki Minaj but I don’t think there’s any competition. No beef, it’s just that I’m different. You wouldn’t go comparing Andrea 3000 and Big Boi to each other. They’re both hot and can hold down their own lane.  And I need my own lane!

How long have you been in the industry?
I consider myself new to this industry. This is the first time I’ve pursued my solo rap career. Prior to this I was in a group named Nutrishus that was comprised of three female Mcs. I also featured on numerous projects for Bay Area artists. People in other continents aren’t familiar with my name yet. Man, when I’m able to rock shows in Africa, Asia, and Australia I’ll consider myself “In The Industry”!  Ms. Be the solo artist is ready to prove that I’m ready for that.

Do you have any projects that are out now?
My mix-tape, Stix, Stone, Red Bottoms & Rap (which by the way is being mixed and mastered right now by Dilly Alta our Canadian division for Gemstone official media Group) should be out by the time you all read this interview. If not, June 14th is the release date. The first single is “Killin ‘Em” check out the video at youtube/5stargtv. I’m hella happy with the way my mix-tape came out! I used some original beats and some classic beats that I jacked just to prove my versatility. You can download the mix-tape at or . I’ve recently  been featured on a couple of  projects including the 5star Geez mix-tape The California Gold Rush available on, and the Mad7 album by another one of GOMG’s producers Epix, the 5 StarGeez & Ms. Be which is dropping July 2011.

What inspires your music?
I draw inspiration from my personal experiences and those of my friends and family. I’m inspired to keep pushing when I get feedback from my fans too. That makes me want to stay on the grind and to push my lyrical content to places I haven’t explored yet. I’m also encouraged by local & nationwide artists who are able to make a living off of their music. It would be a blessing if I could even make a modest living off of what I love to do (Hip-Hop).

Check out Pull it Up mp3

Where are you from?
I’m from East Oakland, California! It’s funny cause when people hear my music they think I’m from everywhere else but Oakland. They mostly think I’m from the east coast but I’ve also been asked if I’m from the south. I did live in Philly for about four years and I loved it there. But I don’t intend to sound like I’m from anywhere. I’m just being me. I hella love Oakland!

What artists in the industry inspire you most today?
That’s a difficult question because I’m inspired by so many. And its not just artists in the industry today; I’m inspired by old school artists as well. I’m still inspired by MC Lyte! When I listen to her music I feel ready to get in the studio and write something new!  Another old school artist that inspires me is Ice Cube. He got hustle on a whole other level, plus his lyrics are still on point! He continues to drop albums on the underground circuit and they bang!  I love it when artist can stay relevant. So Erykah Baddu, Andre 3000, Jay-Z’, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Hyro and countless others are an inspiration. I could go on and on dropping names. On a personal level I’ve been inspired by King Kosh of the 5 Star Geez. He’s been encouraging me to do a solo project for the longest. He’s a great artist himself, he’s been slept on!

What makes you different from other artists today?
I’m real! I don’t portray anything different from what I am and you’ll hear it in my music. Many artist, especially female, try and hide the real them. They hide that they have children, they hide from past experiences or even pretend that they are from a whole different city. You won’t find me masquerading. I am a hot ass MC as well as a mother, a wife, a student, a mixture of races, and a daughter of the bay area.  Other artists tend to lack the honesty factor. I truly keep it 100.

What do you want your future fans to know about you?
They should know that I got hella love for them! Sh*t, without fans Ms. Be wouldn’t be possible. I won’t let them down. I’m going to work hard to keep their heads bobbing. They might need to ride with me as I continue on my musical journey (growing & trying other forms of music), but I will rock for them all day!!! Stones Up!!!!

What’s next for you?Well I’ve been putting a lot of energy into this mix-tape that’s dropping on June 14th. As soon as its released I’m going to start working on an EP that’s going to be exclusively Dubstep/Grind beats. I’ll be working on that EP while simultaneously starting on my album. I understand that some people might not be familiar with Ms. Be yet so I’m shopping around for a publicist to assist in getting my name, my face, and my music recognized. I’m hoping to network and connect with DJs and artist from other areas. I need to connect with people in the UK, in Africa, and Asia.  I’ve had a ball in my recent photo shoots! It’s fun getting all dolled up and posing so I’m definitely open to doing more modeling.  I also have a small role in a motion picture named “Keisha” that was written and directed by artist/author Stress. So as you can see I envision many positives moves in my future.

How can we connect with you online?
For booking information contact Shine Law: Also, add/like all my pages

Any last words?
Just want to thank the Most High, my family and all my friends who’ve been supporting me. You all know who you are XOXOXOXO Ms. B!!!/GOMG



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  1. Tareka McClellan says:

    Ms. Bee is a breathe of fresh Air back into the female realm of rap .. I love the fact that she finds a way to Balance her life .Ms. Be is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside ….To keep it real I not a fan of many ..But I am rooting for Ms. Be & The gemstone Fam..I am a real hip hop …May Peace & Love Be with You…Tareka Lashay

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