Models | Tamica Simone

Models | Tamica Simone

My name is Tamica Simone Vason. Model name Tamica Simone. I’m 23yrs old born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve always been very passionate about modeling. Being the shy type, I never thought I would have enough courage to try it though. Just the thought of posing in front of a stranger made me nervous but in November 2009 I put my insecurities behind me and started chasing my childhood dream. After my first photo shoot I felt like a new person breaking out of a shell. Now I’ve had numerous photo shoots and I’m very proud of myself.

I’m interested in all types of modeling. I don’t want to limit myself to one type. One thing that I would change about the modeling industry would be that some agencies mostly want the tall, slim models. That’s not my body type but I still know how to use what I got. I’m currently an independent model that’s looking to be signed! My goal is to achieve a career in modeling and become a positive role model. I want to inspire others to chase their dreams like I’m chasing mine. I am God Fearing, I am Independent, I am Strong, I am Fierce, I am Smart, I am Sexy, I AM TAMICA SIMONE. .

Twitter: @TamicaSimone


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