My name is Tamica Simone Vason. Model name Tamica Simone. I’m 23yrs old born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve always been very passionate about modeling. Being the shy type, I never thought I would have enough courage to try it though. Just the thought of posing in front of a stranger made me nervous but in November 2009 I put my insecurities behind me and started chasing my childhood dream. After my first photo shoot I felt like a new person breaking out of a shell. Now I’ve had numerous photo shoots and I’m very proud of myself.

I’m interested in all types of modeling. I don’t want to limit myself to one type. One thing that I would change about the modeling industry would be that some agencies mostly want the tall, slim models. That’s not my body type but I still know how to use what I got. I’m currently an independent model that’s looking to be signed! My goal is to achieve a career in modeling and become a positive role model. I want to inspire others to chase their dreams like I’m chasing mine. I am God Fearing, I am Independent, I am Strong, I am Fierce, I am Smart, I am Sexy, I AM TAMICA SIMONE. .

Twitter: @TamicaSimone

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