Model Ruby shoots Graffiti Vogue shot by Brandon Caffey

Brandon Caffey for alwayz therro

The project is titled “ Graffiti Vogue” Are you an Artist or into Art?
I believe we are all born artist’s, people just express their artistic skills in different ways. I express mine through modeling with other photographers.

How do you feel about Graffiti and Spray Paint Art?
I absolutely love graffiti art, but at the same time it depends on the style and placing of graffiti. For example, I can’t stand young immature people that graffiti stores, public places, or street signs. Although Banksy, a very well know artist that did spray paint on public places started the modern day graffiti movement into something we can call art. It can go both ways…..

Have you ever worked with paint in your modeling sessions?
Not yet, but I do have my eye on a few locate body painters.
Brandon Caffey for alwayz therro 2

Do you have a favorite behind the scenes story from a Photoshoot?
I think that would have to be with Brandon Caffey on our first shoot. He had a closet full of ideas just like his mind and the project was published on VOGUE. IT ( Photovogue). The outcome was just as great as this shoot which was only our second collaboration.

Do you Skate or hangout at skate parks?
When I was younger that was the only place I would hang out at, I actually grew up around my older siblings while they skateboarded, it becomes a lifestyle. But me on a skateboard? NO, I would fall…..

You have a Tony Hawk Skateboard in this Photoshoot. What is your favorite part about Skateboarding as a sport or culture?
Like I said it’s a lifestyle that is very easy to get consumed by… Free minded individuals that aren’t afraid to have a little fun even if it may break the law.

What is your favorite episode of Southpark?
Well, I haven’t seen the newest seasons and I do have more than one favorite episode. I would have to say its Casa Bonita. It explains why children act the way they do, and the things they will do to get what they want.

When you are not Modeling what are you focused on?
I went to school for massage therapy, so mostly I focus on bettering other people as well as myself. If you have never had a professional massage I highly recommend it, it will change you.

Name 2 things that make you unique?
My background, coming from a very different family has made me realize family is what you make it. Also, i’m secretly very crafty its my real passion to make things for people that make them say, “Wow, you made this!”

Brandon Caffey for alwayz therro 1

What would surprise readers about you?
I went to foster care for 2 years when I was much younger. Ages 7-9 and it completely changed me… my family is much bigger than blood. People always stereotype me as some blonde bimbo with a well off family, but it’s completely opposite.

One thing that attracts you to someone?
If you can make me laugh I want you around me 🙂

What is your idea of a perfect date?
Honestly, good food and good company. Just make me laugh and you get the second date 😉

One thing on your bucket list you would like to do soon?
Skydiving, which I have a date set coming in 2016.

Favorite band of all time?

Favorite new song?
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars It always puts a smile on my face.

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